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Cobblers Lane, Swanage, Dorset, BH19 2PX

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Wide Horizons Townsend Centre overlooks the charming landscapes of the World Heritage Jurassic Coast in Swanage. We welcome you with a superb location, jaw-dropping views and a comprehensive range of adventure activities covering all subjects.

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What we offer

At Wide Horizons Townsend Centre we can take any curriculum subject and use the outdoors to create an engaging hands-on experience for your pupils.

As an example, working as a team to understand forces, friction and flotation whilst raft building will really develop children's learning. The question and fun is: will the raft float when it comes to paddling in it?

We are proud of our long experience at building and delivering advanced learning experiences for children of all ages and backgrounds. Our residential programmes have a deep connection with the national curriculum's subjects and reflect our mission to deliver the most advanced learning experiences through fun and adventure.

The personal and interpersonal growth of the children who visit us is at the heart of our work and beliefs. 

We build partnerships with schools that go way beyond the transactional nature of a residential booking to jointly plan and deliver high quality Adventure Learning experiences, embedding the school curriculum from reception to year 7, 8 and 9.

Accreditation and Awards

We have AALA License.

Group Sizes Catered For

The Wide Horizons Townsend Centre can accommodate up to 126 people

Risk Assessment Details

We have Risk Assessments available and fire alarms / emergency light tested quarterly.

Pricing Information

We have pre-agreed pricing which incorporates a discount dependent on upon the school percentage of Free School Meals. We also operate a Winter discount which allows for a 20% reduction of price between 1 November and 28 February.

First Aid Information

All our Tutors are First Aid trained. Even when they are not on site, we operate a duty phone system with local staff members on duty just a few minutes away.

Available Facilities

This beautiful centre has several classroom areas, many communal areas, a BBQ area, wet weather gear and much more.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

We have wheelchairs accessibility across the whole site. In addition we have two rooms with hoist, wet room/shower facilities, toilets, ground floor dormitories with direct access to landscaped grounds.

Opening Hours & Information

We are open all year round.


Do you have any testimonials from previous schools we can include?
‘Swanage is a magical adventure for kids of all ages. The trip includes fun like the team challenge, solving mysteries, walks into the forest and so much more.’

Callum, Year 6, Cardwell Primary School

‘My favourite things about my stay were being in the countryside, being with the animals, fishing for crabs, the beach and my lovely dormitory.’

Tayla , Year 6, South Rise Primary School

Room Sizes and Facilities

We have dormitory areas that can accommodate up to 114 people and a bungalow that can accommodate a further 12 people.

Booking information

Scott Johnson, Adventure Learning Manager

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