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South East, London, East of England, East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire, North West, North East, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, South West


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PreSchool, 5 to 7 years, 8 to 10 years, 11 to 13 years, 14 to 16 years, College, University

With more years’ experience between us than we can count, specialising in bringing Viking & Anglo Saxon costumed historical interpreters into schools, museums & community groups to run activities around the Viking & Anglo Saxon conquests of Britain. 

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What are our Workshops like?


With more years? experience between us than we can count, Viking School Visits specialise in bringing Viking and Anglo Saxon costumed historical interpreters into schools, museums and community groups to run activities around the Viking and Anglo Saxon conquests of Britain, bringing the subject to life for your pupils.

Our visitors are professionals and therefore stay up to date with the latest research in Early Medieval history. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an authentic yet accessible experience to children and adults of all ages.

Activities are varied and fun, covering all aspects of Early Medieval life from warfare to weaving, conquest to childcare, and we always make sure to dispel any myths along the way!


There are many companies who can provide experience days and workshops for Anglo Saxons and Vikings, but we provide ONLY Anglo Saxons and Vikings. That means that we can guarantee that your children will receive the best knowledge from people who live and breathe the history of the Early Medieval period.


The days are run on a modular basis with the possibility of covering around 6 - 10 topics in a day, depending on how in-depth you would like each activity to be. Each module has a hands-on element to keep the children engaged - we try to avoid too much standing at the front and talking. There is also plenty of time for children to investigate and ask their own questions.

Topics covered may include such things as:

o Who were the Vikings/Anglo Saxons and where were they from?
o Time line
o Daily life including food and clothing
o Money and trade
o War and Conquest
o The Gods: Religion and Mythology
o Entertainment
o Crafts and skills
o Writing and the Runes, Manuscripts and the birth of English
o Names - people and places
o Life and Death - Pagan burials

While we are usually asked to provide a general overview of Viking and/or Anglo Saxon times, we are always happy to tailor our days to the school's specific needs, and if you are approaching the topic from a certain angle, please let us know and we can work in specific activities to align with your plans.

What we offer




What makes us a great choice?

We offer high quality, authentically trained school visitors nationwide. Our visitors are members of internationally recognized re-enactment societies and have worked for clients such as the British Museum, English Heritage, the National Trust, and many educational and heritage clients both in the UK and abroad. We have visited and worked at the major Viking and Anglo Saxon sites and museums of Europe, and have in-depth and up to date knowledge in the field. You are not just getting someone dressed as a Viking, you are getting an expert in the field.

Primary teachers are expected to be experts on every field they teach and we understand how unrealistic this is! So not only do we give the children an unforgettable experience, we also fundamentally assist with the teachers? knowledge of the period. We are often asked back year on year and can see the baseline improvement in each year's children due to the teacher's depth of knowledge increasing.

Areas Visited

Nationwide except Wales and Northern Ireland (although we're working on it!) We cover Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands and Islands, and can even come to Shetland, Orkney and the Isle of Man.

Group Sizes Catered For

Dependent on budget we can do from one small class to a whole school, and indeed have!

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

There are some resources available free of charge on our website at www.vikingschoolvisits.com, and further resources are being regularly added. Most of our work is aimed at KS2 but we can also provide information for other Key Stages on request.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Yes, but if they are going to be in the public domain then we would appreciate a credit!

Education Officer Information

Domini Walton, 

Pricing Information

As we come to you, costs vary depending on location. Schools will be given an up front, all-inclusive quote on enquiry so that they can make a decision. A visit local to one of our visitors usually starts at around £275 for a full day's visit, increasing depending on distance from the visitor's base. We always send the nearest available visitor to the school to keep costs down. Discounts may be possible in some circumstances, so please contact us for more info.

Clothing Requirements

We always recommend that schools make the day of the visit a Dressing Up Day, with the children (and teachers!) adopting home-made Viking costume and a shield. It is no essential however and we have a fair number of schools who choose not to dress up. Info sheets can be provided to schools to print off for parents before the event.

First Aid Information

No, we would expect the school to have first aiders as we come into the schools.


Just had the most amazing day with Njal. An absolutely action packed superb day! So much hands on experience for the children. An amazing learning experience all packed into one day. We sailed the oceans, fought battles, raided monasteries, made bread, analysed viking hoards , worked on the forge, made linen? the list goes on! Njal was superb. He taught them everything they needed to know about Vikings and more. I will definitely rebook next year. I cannot recommend this enriching experience highly enough!! It's a must!
~Sara Peters, Autumn 2015

Thank you for providing us with such an amazing invaders day yesterday. The children loved every single minute of it and we were all in awe that you could command such attention and admiration from them for a whole day! We all really, really enjoyed it so thank you for bringing such cheer to the end of term!
~Fulham Prep School, 2015

Very informative and well structured. Lots of topics excellently covered in a short space of time with fantastic resources and artefacts. Worksheets were excellent and simple for me to use at a later date. A fantastic day which pupils could all access, they learnt a vast amount and were buzzing with excitement throughout the day.
~Stakesby Community Primary, Whitby,2015

I am writing to say a huge thank you to you and Julia for the amazing day last week. The effort, energy and passion that you both put into all of the activities was incredible; you had the children engaged, enthused and, at some points, spellbound!
~Hamsey Green Primary, Surrey, 2015

The day was perfect, the kids consolidated previous knowledge and learnt so much. Very impressed. All children engaged. Excellent day!
~Carr Manor Primary, Leeds - visited 2013, 2014

We had a fantastic day - the children have all written you letters which I just need to post. We had open evening last night and all the parents were full of praise for how much the kids had enjoyed the day and how much they had learned - thank you again!
~Ryarsh School, Kent, visited in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

I think the children learned more in one day than we could have taught them in a whole half-term!
~Kensington Primary, Thornton Heath, 2015

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