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Based in a converted Victorian herring curing works, the Time & Tide museum is packed with lots of atmosphere & world-class objects, offering the perfect learning environment to inspire your pupils.   

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What we offer

Based in a converted Victorian herring curing works, the Time and Tide museum is packed with lots of atmosphere and world-class objects, offering the perfect learning environment to inspire your pupils. Our Sandford Award winning Learning team is dedicated to bringing topics across the curriculum to life for your pupils and the exciting events we have on offer are guaranteed to have them talking about their visit to Time and Tide for the rest of the academic year!

There are lots of ways you can visit the Time and Tide Museum. We offer a number of innovative and exciting events which you can book or you can simply visit the museum on a free teacher led tour.

We are here to support your pupils learning so please get in touch!

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For more information about our learning events or to see how we can help you with a topic you are teaching contact us on 01493 743944 or email us at greatyarmouth.bookings@norfolk.gov.uk.

Accreditation and Awards

We are a LOtC Quality Badge holder and we won a prestigious Sandford Award in 2014.

What is typically included?

We offer a large variety of exciting events which cover topics right across the curriculum, from a literacy based Pirates event to local study topics on fishing and the seaside. Workshops are either half-day (10am - 12; or 12 - 2pm) or full day (10am - 2pm). Here are just some of the events we offer. If you don?t find what you are looking for then get in touch;

we are here to support you and your pupils learning and will do all we can to meet your needs:


Half-day event, £3.50 per child, suitable for KS1 and 2 An adventure on the high seas that your young writers will never forget! Meet the pirate Captain Will Jaggard and his arch enemy Lieutenant Commander Smythe, and use drama and action to learn about life at sea during the Golden Age of Piracy. Go on an exciting hunt around the museum to discover hidden treasures and handle real museum artefacts. Part of the Stories from the Sea literacy programme. For more literacy resources visit www.rmg.co.uk/storiesfromthesea

Romans and Saxons

Full-day event, £5.00 per child, suitable for KS2 Take part in this action packed event and investigate life at Gariannum Roman fort in 367AD. Find out if you have what it takes to join the Roman army. Discover the delights of a Roman villa and learn about the daily life of a slave including shopping in the marketplace. Hear Siggurd the Saxon tell the gripping saga of Beowulf. Use the evidence you gather to decide what you think should be done about the Saxon raiders!

Surviving the Stone Age!

Half-day event , £3.50 per child, suitable for KS2 Do you have what it takes to survive the Stone Age? This exciting and interactive event will bring the topic to life with your pupil's survival skills being put to the test as they attempt to overcome the challenges humans would have faced thousands of years ago. Meet a Stone Age hunter-gatherer and learn hunting techniques. Handle real Stone Age tools from our collections. Learn about the lost world of Doggerland and the fantastic beasts that lived there.

We also offer a brilliant Stone to Iron Age event if you would rather have an exciting overview of pre-history.

Fish Ahoy

Half-day event, £3.50, suitable for KS1 and 2 Uncover the history of Great Yarmouth's fishing industry and find out why the museum still smells of herring! A local history study event which explores the lives of local people 100 years ago. Meet a fisher girl and learn the skills of the trade. Handle real objects used by local workers in the fishing industry. Visit our recreated Row to discover where the fisher folk lived a century ago.

Seaside Special

Half-day event, £3.50 per child, suitable for Reception, KS1 and 2 Discover the delights of a day beside the seaside for holidaymakers through history! Handle historic seaside objects and promenade in replica Edwardian costume. Meet a time travelling tourist and compare modern seaside holidays with ones in the past. Schools can choose to meet either a Victorian Lady or a 1950s Tourist to explore changes within living memory. Some things never change; end your visit with a traditional Punch and Judy show.

Evacuee Experience

Full-day event, £5.00, suitable for KS2 The year is 1941 and Great Yarmouth is at war. Find out what you can do to help. Discover how the role of women has changed and how to make do and mend?. Meet an ARP Warden, handle real artefacts and learn how to stay safe in an air raid. Join the Home Guard for a training exercise and prepare to defend Great Yarmouth from Invasion! Visit our wartime shop, get to grips with rationing and uncover the secret world of the black market...

Great Yarmouth in the Great War

Half-day event, £3.50 per child, suitable for KS2 Find out about what life was like in Great Yarmouth during the Great War. Learn about the Zeppelin raids on Great Yarmouth and their impact on daily life. Handle real WW1 trench objects and meet a WW1 Soldier from Great Yarmouth.


Half-day event, £3.50 per child suitable for KS1 and 2 Let your pupil's creativity run free as they go on a fantastic exploration! Meet Ida Flower, a female explorer from Great Yarmouth, and see the magnificent objects she bought back from her travels Learn about and handle real objects from different cultures around the world. Work with a professional writer and create your own magical creature poem to take back to school!


Half-day event, £3.50 per child, Suitable for KS1 and 2 Investigate the dangers lurking beneath the waves in this exciting literacy event. Meet a Victorian journalist and create your own melodramatic shipwreck story! Discover Captain Manby's heroic exploits and test his latest lifesaving invention. Part of the Stories from the Sea literacy programme. For more literacy resources visit http://www.rmg.co.uk/storiesfromthesea

Numbers and Nets

Half-day event, £3.50 per child, suitable for KS1 and 2 Travel back to the 1950s and visit the Tower Curing Works. It is recruiting day and the owner Mr Swanston is looking to employ keen mathematicians. Prove your business skills by bidding against competitors at a live auction. Meet a fisher girl and help calculate an order. Work with a fisherman to measure the huge fishing net. Remember, only the best workers will earn a job at the curing works.

Group Sizes Catered For

We can cater for up to 100 pupils in the museum at any one time but we recommend that you enquire about group sizes upon calling to book an event. We will do everything we can to cater to your needs.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

We have a wide range of teaching resources to supplement learning in the museum and back in the classroom. Some of these can be found at the following website:


We also run a nationally recognised literacy project with the National Maritime Museum called Stories from the Sea. This project has successfully inspired thousands of local KS1 and KS2 children to get excited about writing through events such as Pirates!, Shipwrecked and Explorers. All supporting teacher parks and resources can be found on the project website:


Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions


Risk Assessment Details

Please see our link: http://www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/view/NCC156737

Education Officer Information

Learning Officer - Sam Jinks


Pricing Information

Teacher led visit is free of charge but please book. Half-day workshops are £3.50 per child. Full-day workshops are £5 per child. There is no charge for teachers or accompanying adults.

Clothing Requirements

No, but you may want to come dressed up as pirates or Romans if appropriate. We provide plenty of dress up clothes regardless!

First Aid Information

Yes, we always have a qualified first aider on site with a first aid kit.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

We have disabled toilets both upstairs and downstairs.

Opening Hours & Information

We are open all year, 10am - 4pm


?They came away enthused, they all learnt something new and were talking about what a brilliant day they had.? Teacher at The Old School Henstead after a Romans and Saxons event

?The children loved it, so did the adults! Definitely the best museum service activity day we have done and fitted in really well with our topic.? Teacher at Lyng Primary on Pirates! literacy event

?The engagement of the children was fantastic! They clearly loved their time and could recall information from all activities?. Teacher at Edmund De Moundeford Primary School on Seaside Special event

?Absolutely perfect! The event really got them excited about the subject and bought it to life; thank you!? Teacher at St George's Primary School on Stone Age event

?It really bought history to life for the pupils and made it real!? Teacher at Grove Primary School on Evacuee Experience event

?The children loved working with the authors and actors; it's inspired us to teach new topics in the curriculum.? Teacher at Wroughton Infant School on her pupils involvement in Stories from the Sea events such as Pirates!, Shipwrecked and Explorers.

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