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Inspiring and exciting educational trips designed to bring subjects to life, extend students’ learning and develop their appreciation of local and international cultures outside the classroom. There is simply nothing like an SJA Trip! 

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What we offer

The School Journey Association provides inspiring and exciting educational trips designed to bring subjects to life, extend students? learning and develop their appreciation of local and international cultures outside the classroom. We?ve been around for over 100 years and have a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts, all to guarantee you and your students a trip of a lifetime. There is simply nothing like an SJA Trip!

The UK pioneer of school travel, the School Journey Association has been arranging inspiring educational tours since 1911, earning a brilliant reputation as a specialist school travel company providing outstanding, well-organised school group travel plus activity packages, both within the UK and across Europe. We have developed a wide range of successful educational trips which are extremely popular with school groups. In addition to these we also specialise in creating tailor-made school trips that focus on a multitude of diverse interests for all ages, created to your exact specifications and to any destination of your choice, even those that aren?t listed on our website.

We provide expert local knowledge and have loyal partnerships with providers in each region we visit. This means that we can offer great value for money and bespoke services, working with hotels, transport providers and tour companies that support school trips.

We offer:
Individually tailored, stimulating tours and exciting school journeys designed to extend learning

Activity based packages, at competitive prices in the UK

Quality service provided by our team of tour consultants and advisers with years of experience in educational tours and school group travel. All our providers are thoroughly vetted by us, and all coach drivers are DBS checked

Financial Assistance Grants for those children from disadvantaged families who might otherwise be unable to participate. The School Journey Association will help all pupils receiving free school meals plus some other children who meet our financial criteria. Call us now on 0208 675 6636.

1 free adult place per 8 pupils in the group

Free over-night accommodation for the group leader so you can get a feel for the location before your class arrives, if needed

Full financial security and cover for any eventuality through ABTA (V360X) and ATOL (3165)

Value for Money - SJA is a non-profit making charity. This means that we aim to keep the cost of each school tour to a minimum whilst ensuring the best quality accommodation and transport for the safety and comfort of your group

In addition to residential trips with the UK, to Europe and Worldwide, SJA are also able to organise trips from international schools to the UK and Europe.

Book your residential trip with SJA and each child entitled to Free School Meals will receive a £50 reduction on the per person price.

Please visit our website for more information www.sjatours.org

What makes us a great choice?

The SJA is run by teachers and ex-teachers, who volunteer their time, all with vast experience of school travel. All our trips increase your students first hand learning experiences and enrich their lives by encouraging personal development and growing independence. Our exciting tours are designed to kindle pupils? knowledge as an extension of the curriculum without them even realising!

As a registered charity, The School Journey Association strongly believes in inclusion, and doesn?t want any child to miss out. One of the prime purposes of The School Journey Association is to support children from disadvantaged families or with Special Needs who might not otherwise be able to participate in School Trips. For this reason, we may be able to offer a grant of up to 50% of the school cost trips to help individual children from disadvantaged families to participate.

Group Sizes Catered For

SJA can cater for any size group.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

The School Journey Association believes that for efficient, safe and fun school group travel planning needs to be systematic, consistent and appropriate to the visit. We also know that good planning is the key to successful educational trips.

For a great school trip the aims and objectives of the visit should be clearly identified by you, the teacher/group leader, at an early stage. These should be relevant to your class and their needs, taking into account their age, ability, previous experience and the resources available.

Clear, appropriate objectives will contribute significantly to your class's safety and well-being and will; ensure appropriate structure and discipline to the visit; help maximise your group's motivation; help you choose an environment and activity appropriate to your group's maturity and experience; and allow you to consider the appropriate training, staffing and resources needed for school group travel.

We recommend that the teacher conducts a preliminary visit and does some research to support the planning and completion of risk assessments.

The School Journey Association recommends that all means of researching the area be explored. Suggested sources of information include; district councils, tourist offices, National Park information services, and other local establishments and authorities.

A preliminary visit should seek to:
Check appropriateness of the venue to your class's needs and the objective of the school trip
Check for potential hazards and provide the opportunity for a site specific risk assessment
Check timings (length of walks, tides etc)
Establish your own local contacts
Check accommodation, including washing and toilet facilities, heating and lighting, storage space available for personal belongings and sufficient room between bunks and beds, especially for fire risks and evacuation;
Establish appropriate escape routes in case of emergency;
Obtain information on local services (doctors, dentists, hospital, telephone, toilets)
Ascertain an appropriate emergency action plan

Risk Assessment Details

A risk assessment for a visit need not be complex, but it should be comprehensive.

It does not generally require technical formulae or professional health and safety expertise but special information for some visits may be necessary, and Head Teachers should ensure that the person assessing the risks is competent to do so.

A formal assessment of the risks that might be met on an educational visit should have the aim of preventing the risks or reducing them. Young people must not be placed in situations that expose them to unacceptable risk. Safety must always be the prime consideration. If the risks cannot be contained then the visit must not take place.

The risk assessment should be based on the following considerations:
What are the hazards?
Who might be affected by them?
What safety measures need to be in place to reduce risks to an acceptable level?
Can the visit leader put the safety measures in place?
What steps will be taken in an emergency?
The following factors are important when assessing the risks:
The type of visit/activity and the level at which it is being undertaken;
The location, routes and modes of transport;
The competence, experience and qualifications of supervisory staff;
The ratio of teachers and supervisory staff to young people;
The group members? age, competence, fitness, temperament and the suitability of the activity;
Any special educational and medical needs of the young people;
The quality and suitability of available equipment;
Seasonal considerations, weather and timing;
Emergency procedures. How to cope when a young person becomes unable or unwilling to continue;
The need to monitor the risks throughout the visit;
The need to monitor the young people at night.

Recording Risk Assessment
The person carrying out the risk assessment should record it and, from the outcome, formulate a set of procedures for the safe management of the visit. These procedures must be agreed and shared with all staff on the visit, thereby enabling them to avoid or reduce risks.

The Head Teacher and Governing Body should also be given a copy so that approval, as necessary, can be given with a clear understanding that effective planning has taken place. For all school trips / visits involving potentially hazardous/adventurous activities and residential trips the Local Authority must also be provided with the information.

Opening Hours & Information

Monday-Friday 09.00 - 16.30


?We are back in Nairobi and I would like to sincerely thank you for the amazing Italian trip! Everything was well organised and very well thought out, catering very well for the children we had. I thank you for all the work you put in to make this trip a success. We are pleased to recommend SJA to other schools.? Cavina School, Kenya

?We had a fantastic residential trip. Thank you for all your help with organising and booking. Media City was new to us this year and was much enjoyed. The children all enjoyed Beauty and the Beast (and so did I!). As usual, the other activities and the youth hostel were great.? Coniston Primary, Cumbria

?Our school really loved the trip that the School Journey Association arranged for us to the Isle of Wight. It was well thought-out and everything was provided, despite the trip being organised quite late in the day. Thank you very much.? Moreton Primary School, Essex

?Everything was perfect including the weather! The itinerary ran like clockwork with no problems at all. The hotel was good and the food delicious, Lynda was extremely helpful and accommodating.? Bollin Primary School, Bowdon

?Thank you so much for organising our school journey, it all went swimmingly! The weather was beautiful so we had plenty of time for playing on the beach and jumping in the waves. The food at the accommodation was spot on and the ladies knew we wanted to serve the food- so fabulous! The coach was a dream- we?d certainly like one similar next year, as were our drivers Terry and Sam. Thank you for organising such a wonderful trip!? Redcliff Primary School, London

?Thank you for organising it, everything went as planned. The bus drivers were on time and the service was fantastic, especially I would like to say that Ruben (the Spanish driver) was very helpful and did a fantastic job driving us everywhere during the week and even guiding us through Bilbao.? Burntwood School, London
?Our Year 5 children have just returned from another thoroughly enjoyable trip made possible by The School Journey Association. Thank you!? Bishop Perrin Primary School, London

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