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The Original Viking Walk has fast become a well respected and popular walking tour of York as it offers a fun and fact-filled tour brimming with Viking information, providing an alternative to the many ghost walks that are available in the city.

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What we offer

Join us on a short tour of York, with Sigwulf. Part history, part legend, all enthralling!

Hear about the city's Anglo-Scandinavian and Norman past as we take in various sights along the way. Many people know that the Vikings had a big influence on York but very few realise just how big an influence. Join Sigwulf on a tour of the ancient Capital of the North and hear about the deeds of Ivar the Boneless, Eirik Bloodaxe, and Harald Hardaraada. Learn how the streets got their names and what they mean; discover how those pesky Pagans shaped the Christian church; and wonder how those naughty Normans ever survived in the north in spite of themselves. An alternative walking tour to the myriad popular ghost walks of York. Over 200 years of history in 75 minutes!

Northern Forge, the owners of the Original Viking Walk, also provide bespoke educational outreach visits to your school. Travelling mainly within Yorkshire, we also cater to the neighbouring counties. We may be able to travel further but you may incur additional costs but do not worry, if we cannot come to you in person we can arrange a Virtual Outreach session via Skype. Our outreach days cover Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, and Romano-Britains. A typical day with us includes an intro from your costumed visitor/s, Object Handling, Games, Sagas and storytelling, and Battle Drill with our mini shields.

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What makes us a great choice?

There is only one true Viking walk, the Original Viking Walk!

What makes Northern Forge so great is that we come to your school with artefacts, games, and weaponry, not to mention engaging characters in full costume to enthuse your pupils and aid them in learning all about Britain's wonderful early history. We can provide Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Romans and Britons for full days with your school. And as mentioned before, even if you are too far away for us to visit in person we can still offer you a virtual outreach visit via Skype. Here at Northern Forge we will tailor the day to meet your needs.

Accreditation and Awards

Not the above mentioned but I am a member of Equity? the Actors union.

Group Sizes Catered For

We cater for all group sizes. In the past we have taken groups of up to 54 adults around. If your group is larger still we can look at splitting the group into different walks and/or at different departure times.

Northern Forge educational outreach visits can cater for several classes at once. Many schools book us for their whole year group. The most we have encountered so far was a booking for 104 pupils, which was no problem.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

The Original Viking Walk does not have any packs or worksheets.

For Northern Forge's educational outreach visits (be it Viking, Saxon, or Roman) we provide a plan of the day ahead of visiting your school.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

I am happy for photos and videos (within reason) to be taken.

Risk Assessment Details

Via e-mail, I can provide a risk assessment on request.

Education Officer Information

See contact details above.

Pricing Information

The Original Viking Walk costs £5 for adults, £3 for children, and £4 concessions as standard. Discounts are available for large family groups.
Private tours costs £25 minimum.

For school groups consisting of children aged 15 and younger we charge £2.50 per head and for every 10 children one group leader goes free.

For groups of student 15 years and above we charge £3.50 per head and for every 10 children one group leader goes free.

Northern Forge's full day Educational Outreach visits, where we come to you, cost £195 for one class (up to 30 children), any children above that we charge £3.50 per pupil. We can cater for individual classes or whole school years.

Northern Forge's half day visits cost £115 for two hours in your school with on class (up to 30 children), should you wish to run two a half day sessions with two classes in one day we charge £195, a saving of £35.
If you are too far away for us to come and visit try one of our Virtual Outreach sessions via Skype. The cost for a virtual outreach session is £50 for 60 minutes with one class.

Clothing Requirements

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather! We are outside for the duration of the tour.

First Aid Information

I am first aid (1 day course) accredited. Though I do not carry a first aid kit with me on tours.

Available Facilities

Walking Tour, no facilties.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

No disabled facilities, however the route taken on the Viking Walk has been planned so as to avoid any steps.

Opening Hours & Information

The Original Viking Walk runs most Saturdays and at various times during school holidays (except Xmas and New Year) at 6pm. However our Viking Walks can be booked for any time on any day subject to availability.

Please check on-line for any changes/cancellations.

Northern Forge's educational outreach visits and virtual [Skype] outreach visits can be booked for any day during term time, subject to availability. Contact us now to book a visit.


The Original Viking Walk (see Tripadvisor):


[Banchory] School Trip Reviewed 28 May 2015
Excellent walk! He had 40 school pupils and adults completely engrossed from start to finish! Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the Vikings and York. This experience really made our trip. 
I would highly recommend anyone to go on this!!


Outstanding! Reviewed 26 August 2015
We arrived in York late afternoon and picked up the leaflet in the Tourist office. We decided to go on this tour as a way of orientating ourselves around the old city. It turned out to be way better than just that!
Super informative, fun, interesting and engaging. We learnt far more than we expected (and we're no beginners to Viking history)!
Suitable for all ages, not just young children (which so many of the other sites and tours were aimed at).
Out of all the usual activities in York, this is the one we would rate most highly and we would do it again in a heartbeat.
Excellent value for money. Recommended.

An entertaining alternative to York's many ghost tours Reviewed 17 November 2015
Disillusioned and bored with the many ghost walks on offer in York myself and my husband decided to try something different and stumbled upon the Original Viking Walk. We were almost deterred by the awful weather, but decided to go along in the rain, in the hope to learn something about York's Viking legacy. We were not disappointed. Neil is a fantastic and passionate story-teller, mixing the historical with the slightly fantastical and sometimes downright gory. An informative, engaging and above all an entertaining taster of Viking life, history and myth. I would highly recommend this tour, whatever the weather!

Very informative and fun (even on a rainy night) Reviewed 14 November 2015
Went on the walk with a group of friends, since we've never done a proper tour around York and it was the greatest time I've had walking around this town!

Immediately you could tell that Neil is not only an entertaining guy but that he's also very passionate and knowledgeable about history (and specifically the Vikings). At no point of the tour do you feel even slightly distracted or uninterested and it truly makes the hour walk feel like a 5 minute one.

I would recommend this in case you want to learn more about York in an enjoyable company.


Vikings, History, Facts and a good share of Humour. An Excellent tour with a Knowledgeable guide. Reviewed January 2016
An excellent tour covering the Viking history of York (or should we say Jorvik). Fascinating facts and details told in an interesting and humorous way by a very knowledgeable and entertaining guide. Our guide was ever much the part dressed in full Viking costume. He took the time to answer every question asked and explain anything the kids didn't understand. Highly recommended we loved it.

History hidden in plain sight Reviewed 15 November 2015
A fascinating (and often hilarious) guided tour through the streets of York, our guide revealed the Vikings' hidden history which still shapes the city today. A born performer, Neil (costumed for the part in spite of the November drizzle) combined an expansive breadth of historical knowledge with a raconteur's ear for a story which leaves you hungry for more - and with enough macabre details to delight the kids. Any comparison with Horrible Histories is well-deserved!
Visited November 2015


Private Evening Walk for our History Society Group on the Original Viking Walk
Reviewed 20 October 2015
27 of us had an excellent evening. Very professionally led by Neil, who is knowledgeable and also made it fun. The information he gave us was factual and interesting and not like some other tour guides who over act and exaggerate to make it into a performance.

Northern Forge Educational Outreach:

Visit - Viking and Anglo-Saxons

Neil has visited Water Street school for four years now. For two years, Neil has enhanced our Viking topic, as Sigwulf, with his amazing knowledge and interest about the topic. Last year we had a compare and contrast workshop, looking at the similarities and differences between the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. This year Neil visited as Mani, for an Anglo-Saxon workshop . As soon as Neil arrives he gets into character and grabs the children's attention and keeps it all the way through to the end! He brings artifacts with him that we could never have access to in the classroom without his visit and the children love looking at them and holding them. The children have learnt so much from his visits and the range of activities that he offers is amazing - including acting out a Viking saga and playing games from Viking times. I would thoroughly recommend a Northern Forge workshop as a valuable, interesting and exciting experience for children (and the staff) in school.

Kathryn Bownass
Water Street Community Primary School, Skipton, Nov 2015

Skype - Roman

A huge thank you to Neil for 3 fantastically informed, wonderfully received Roman Skype session. It is safe to say that both colleagues and students alike will be talking about this one for many weeks to come! As a teacher working in an International school, it is difficult to get the children involved in interactive programmes relating to historical figures, so this was perfect! The delivery was concise and informative, as well as being light and funny, leaving the children spell-bound and totally enthralled. That they were given a chance to ask questions and expand upon their own prior knowledge was an added bonus.

Many thanks and we look forward to our next Roman meeting!

Kayley Robinson
Head of Humanities
Fujairah Private Academy, United Arab Emirates (UAE), May 2015

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