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4-5 Henley Street, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6PT

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The MAD Museum is based in the center of Stratford upon Avon, this attraction displays interactive pieces of mechanical art. “MAD” stands for Mechanical Art and Design.

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What we offer

The MAD Museum offers interactive learning in a fun environment, group discounts, free entry for teachers/ supervising adults, assisted visits (their version of a tour), KS1-43 activity and answer packs and takeaway automata kits.

What makes us a great choice?

The MAD Museum is the only centre of mechanical art in the country. This quirky museum offers an exciting hands-on experience that supports the national curriculum for art, physics, engineering, DT and maths. Interact with around 60 weird and wonderful machines, build your own marble runs in our MAD zone and get inspired by the clever design and outside-the-box thinking.  MAD also provides take-away automata kits – be encouraged at the museum then have a DT activity to carry out back in the classroom.

What is typically included?

Group trips can be tailored to your specific requirements but the following steps are the standard procedure for groups at The MAD Museum; Look around the museum (1hr) Pupils/ students work on KS1-3 activity packs and all supervising adults are given free answer packs (30mins) Upon departing the museum, the group leader is given a box of automata kits for the pupils/ students to make back in the classroom.

Group Sizes Catered For

30 pupils/ students at a time in the museum. We regularly cater for 60 or 90 pupils with each group of 30 pupils/ students coming into the museum at different times.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

Yes, teachers receive a comprehensive educator’s information pack which contain group discounts, the museum’s risk assessment form and everything else you need to know for a group visit. Key stage 1-3 activity and answer packs can also be provided on request. Teacher’s lesson plans (before, during and after the group visit to MAD) are also provided on request. Teachers also have the option to purchase takeaway automata kits, these come with support materials. 

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Everyone is welcome to take photos, video and audio in the museum.

Risk Assessment Details

The museum provides all teachers with a risk assessment form. Free recce visits for teachers can also be arrange (free of charge).

Education Officer Information

Katie Wilson – Education Officer Tel: 01926 865839 Email: bookings@themadmuseum.co.uk  

Pricing Information

Reception/ Nursery/ Year 1-2 Pupils (aged 4-7yrs)                            @ £3.00 per head Supervising adults/ Teacher               1 free for every 2 pupils Primary/ Junior/ Year 3-6 Pupils (aged 7-11yrs)                          @ £4.00 per head Supervising adults/ Teacher               1 free for every 5 pupils Secondary and Higher Education Students (aged 11-18yrs)                   @ £5.00 per head Supervising adults/ Teacher               1 free for every 10 pupils

First Aid Information

We have a qualified first aider on site.

Available Facilities

Gift shop Wheelchair access throughout Cloak racks Storage for bags available Toilets (inc disabled) and baby changing facilities Lift Staircase No dining area or canteen

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

There is wheelchair access throughout the museum and there are specially adapted toilets suitable for wheelchair users at the back of the museum next to the other toilet facilities. There are no steps to the main entrance. The main entrance is well lit.  The museum is located on the first floor, above Lakeland and between Toni & Guy and Cornish Bakery on Henley Street. As well as a staircase, there is a lift at the museum’s entrance which is available for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The museum is situated on one floor, no ramps or steps are featured in the museum. There is a good contrast between the floor (light grey) and walls (navy blue). Clear surfaces such as glass and plastic casing have contrasting markings on them.  Visitor information is available in large print on request at the museum's reception desk. There are several seats dotted around the museum at appropriate intervals, the museum's cinema room also has seating. Clear signage (colour contrasted, large lettering and pictograms) is used throughout the attraction. Disabled visitors are entitled to a concessionary ticket for entry into the museum. They are also permitted to be accompanied by 1 helper, whom is entitled to a concessionary ticket too.  We have wheelchair access throughout the museum. The museum’s members of staff are experienced in caring across a broad spectrum of abilities. The museum is also guide dog friendly.

Opening Hours & Information

Educational group are welcome to come throughout the year, Monday – Friday during term time;  April – September Monday- Friday                                                10:00am - 5:00pm October -March Monday- Friday                                                 10:30am – 4:30pm


In words from the teacher who went with the children "Brilliant". I also went with the children both in the morning and afternoon and all the children had a fabulous time. They were engaged all the way through the visit and really did get a lot out it. Your colleagues at the museum were fantastic with the children, helping them with any questions and helping them with the activity packs. Please pass on our thanks to them all. We will be back! Julie Durham, Teaching Assistant at Park Hill Junior School Thank you for a wonderful visit. The children really enjoyed the museum and are asking when they can go back again! The look of wonder on their faces is testament to their enjoyment! It was a very well-run trip and we really appreciate the support that Simon and the team gave. The children were really engaged in the displays and the KS2 resource packs worked really well. We are now looking forward to making the automata kits in our after-school club this week. I hope that we can bring another group from our school in the future. Clare Barlow at Matchborough First School Academy We had a great time! The exhibits were amazing and the children loved the fact there was so much interaction. We really appreciate the fact that you opened slightly earlier than normal. I think the staff had just as much fun as the students. We will definitely be recommending it to colleagues! Thanks again, Dave Turner at Ratcliffe College

Other Information

Key Stage 1-4 activity and answer packs:  MAD’s packs are in relation with the National Curriculum and comprise of questions about the exhibits, design activities and word games. Activity page are 30p per pack and answer packs are free Sketching Sessions: The MAD Museum is packed full of creativeness and design ingenuity. From a design perspective the exhibits themselves consist of different textures, colours, materials and complex designs. This museum displays an array of contrasting subject matters, from hard-nosed industrial machines to beautiful, hand-crafted moving figurines. This is a great place to try out different drawing approaches and build up your portfolio. Cost: free Photography Sessions: As the only mechanical museum in the United Kingdom you’ll be sure to get some truly unique shots. Experiment with unusual compositions, lighting effects, contrasting colours and motion. You are very welcome to bring additional accessories such as supplementary lighting, tripods and models. Cost: free Takeaway kits: Depending on the ages of your pupils/ students, take automata kits away with you to build back in the classroom as part of an art or DT activity. Cost: range from £3.00 - £16.00 per kit

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