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Step back in time to December 1940, bringing history and RE to life, we offer an Education Pack with a brand-new Audio Tour, based on truth, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, as part of the Restoration of the church. The visit is FREE of charge.

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What we offer

Step back in time to December 1940. Ss Peter, Paul and St Philomena’s Church is 5 years old, a hub of the community, escaping damage during sustained bombing and earning its nickname, The Dome of Home, in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Bringing history and RE to life, we offer an Education Pack with a brand-new Audio Tour, based on truth, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, as part of the Restoration of the church. The visit is free of charge.

Enrich your pupil’s learning of WWII in Wallasey and meet some of the characters who shaped Wallasey during WWII, using our children’s audio tour via smartphone or tablet. Find out how this church helped local people during these difficult times. Your pupils will experience the awe and wonder of this Place of Worship as they learn about the Christian Faith, history of the building and people involved in its story.

What makes us a great choice?

• put on 1940s style hats. 

• listen to a range of 2-4 minute dramas to be involved with the events of the time 

• have an opportunity to handle WWII artefacts.

• enjoy a short small group guided tour with a costumed guide to find out about the different parts of a church.

• Find out why a Christian Place of Worship is a special place and experience the sights, sounds and smells of this church.

The church visit is a fun and exciting place to explore but we need all pupils to be properly supervised by their school staff, during the visit.

What is typically included?

A visit to The Dome of Home would begin with a pre-planning visit to meet specific needs of your group. Teachers can choose from the ‘Menu of Possible Activities’ below, depending on learning objectives.

Although we welcome school groups of all ages, we have specifically designed this Educational Pack for KS2, particularly Year 5 & 6. We may be able to adapt some activities for other age groups who will be targeted in future projects.

KS2 - Local history study: The Dome – a significant site in the locality. 
Learn about the Church’s Nickname ‘The Dome of Home’, Architecture & Restoration of the church, Lutyens Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool, Bombing of Wallasey and old church fire.

KS2 - British History Study–WWII: Wallasey at War & The Battle of the Atlantic - A significant turning point.
Learn about Air Raids & all clear, bombings, Incendiary devices, Fire & First Aid Services, food shortage & rationing, Dig for Victory, Prisoners of War, conscription, Missing in Action, Battle of the Atlantic, Evacuation.

KS2 – Visiting a Place of Worship – Christian/Catholic Church: Behaviour appropriate to a church, purpose of the altar, importance of Mass, Real Presence, devotions to the Infant of Prague & Rosary, lighting candles, confession, sacrifice, use of incense.

Menu of possible Activities


During visit


Colouring sheets based on architecture and art of the building.

1940s hats for dressing up – step into wartime Wallasey– selfie mirror


RE Activity sheets – ‘A visit to a church’ compared to ‘A visit to a synagogue’

Literacy KS2 – Pippo the Fool – story about how the Duomo in Florence was designed

Audio Tour via smart phone, tablets or as a group.

Choice of 13 scenarios – to find out how this church helped people during difficult times.

Pupils write their own storybook about The Dome of Home using our storybook template.


Quiz relating to each scenario – WWII History, Local History and RE


Plan of church worksheet/Gatefold – for artwork, info and cloze procedure.

Plan of the church worksheet/Gatefold


Sketch and photos of the marble and statues of the Dome of Home

Designs and Artwork for The Dome of Home


Perhaps light a candle for a moment of quiet prayer?

Colouring sheets


Shop for souvenirs


Very Big Book of this Catholic Church display – What is a church? What are the different parts of a church for?

Very Big Book on USB stick


Sample Wartime ‘ration’ snacks


Vintage bus (cost) – we can put you in touch with a vintage bus company and provide 2 costumed guides to play 2 scenarios on the bus, handing out ration books and identity cards


Group Sizes Catered For

We can accommodate up to 30 pupils plus staff.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

Comprehensive KS2 resource pack and supporting photocopiable worksheets available on request, during the planning stages.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Photography is permitted. The Dome of Home would like to keep a pictorial record of main events.

• All photographs will be general photographs of the activities at our events. 
• These will be for our publicity purposes, including our website. 
• All photographs will be group photographs and not individual children. 
• All captions will be related to the event and not give details such as school name or children’s names. 
• If your school or an individual child cannot be photographed for safeguarding or other legal reasons you must let us know before your visit. 
• The photographs will be taken by ourselves or some-one asked by us. 
• Schools are welcome to take photographs of their own school visit. So that you have a record of education beyond the classroom and to assist in work back in the school.

Risk Assessment Details

Risk Assessment of the Visit and Activities are provided as part of the Education Pack.

Education Officer Information

Contact Project Coordinator, Mrs Anne Archer on 07743 235046 or email contactus@domeofhome.org

(qoute UKST) when enquiring or booking for FREE Entry

Pricing Information

All visits free of charge although donations are welcome towards refreshments and restoration of this significant Wirral Landmark.

Clothing Requirements

Dressing up in 1940s style is optional, and 1940s hats are provided. Some volunteers will be in costume. In winter the church can be quite cold, so we recommend wearing a coat.

First Aid Information

School groups should bring their own First Aider.

Available Facilities

We do have a gift shop which children can use, so bring a little pocket money.

We are happy to organise a small ‘ration snack experience’ for the children free of charge, but please inform us of any allergies in advance.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

Our facilities are fully wheelchair accessible but please advise on booking of any special needs or requirements.

Opening Hours & Information

This is a working Catholic/Christian Place of Worship open 8am until 8pm daily with many events. Tours can be provided from 10am-4pm with advanced booking.

School visits last approximately 1-1½ hours followed by 30 minutes for refreshments/rations and shop visit.


Year 7 pupils from St Anselms said, 
“I had a good time and enjoyed all the activities with my friends.”
“I enjoyed the bus trip, wearing the hats and using the ration books.”
“It allowed us to learn about Jesus and Mary in different ways as we lit candles for our families.”

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