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Providing a fantastic school history trip experience about Medieval, Tudor & Elizabethan time periods, all set in a historical Carthusian monastery in London, The Charterhouse offers excellent, tours, talks and workshops covering keystage 1 to 4.

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What we offer

Charterhouse museum & monastery in London provides school trips and educational visits with an amazing place for primary and secondary pupils to learn about the historical changes of England. From monks to monarchs, medieval, Tudor & Elizabethan time periods. At charterhouse you will discover the fascinating stories of those who have helped shape the history of our nation. Providing schools with a great learning environment and offering tours, talks and workshops on Key stage topics below:


Charterhouse Now and Then (KS1)
Investigate the breath of our fascinating history, from silent monks and Tudor nobles to naughty school boys and gentlemen pensioners.

Fit for a Queen (KS1 & 2)
Enjoy an audience with Queen Elizabeth I in this costumed interpreter led sessions her first throne room. From food to laundry, dress to décor, lend a hand to ensure the Charterhouse is fit for a Queen.

Tracing the Past (KS2)
Calling all detectives! Search the Charterhouse for evidence of key people linked to our fascinating history as a medieval monastery, Tudor mansion and Victorian school recording clues as you go.

The Black Death
Explore the consequences of the Black Death at one of London’s only surviving plague pits. Discover causes, ‘cures’ and consequences in this exciting new session.

Hands on Tudors (KS2)
Explore the impact of the reformation in this dual site session at the Charterhouse and Museum of London. Handle objects, try on clothing and immerse yourself in everyday Tudor life.

Henry’s London
Examine the impact of the English Reformation on the lives of those at the Charterhouse before debating the arguments at the Museum of London in this dual site session.

Recording the Past: The Black Death
Investigate the Black Death in this dual site session at the Charterhouse and London Metropolitan Archives.

People and Power 
Investigate the architectural history of the site and learn about how the changing face of the Charterhouse highlights a change in status, fortune and fashion.

Look. Think. Draw.
Extend pupils’ observation and visual literacy skills as you document the changing architecture of the charterhouse in relation to its history and ownership.

People and Protest
Compare medieval protest in relation to the dissolution of the monasteries before staging an onsite protest linked to a contemporary issue of your choice.

What makes us a great choice?

From monks to monarchs, the Charterhouse truly has seen it all. Where else can you view a Black Death skeleton, visit a Catholic priory, stand in the same spot where Elizabeth I and James I held court and learn about Victorian schooling? The aim of our learning programme is to inspire creativity through the stories of the Charterhouse and to inspire curiosity about the people who have lived, worked and studied here.

Group Sizes Catered For

We can accommodate one class of up to 35 students.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

Please contact our team in relation to your groups requirements.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Teachers and pupils are welcome to take pictures we kindly only ask that they do not take pictures of our elderly residents.

Risk Assessment Details

We welcome pre-visits by teachers and actively encourage booking a 20 minutes session with our learning programme manager, Cynthia. Please contact her via email: learning@thecharterhouse.org or telephone: 0203 319 3782. For those who cannot make a pre-visit we provide a Health and Safety briefing sheet to aid completion of any risk assessment documents.

Education Officer Information

Yes, you can contact our Learning Programme Manager, Cynthia via email at: learning@thecharterhouse.org or on 0203 319 3782.

Pricing Information

Sessions cost £100 + VAT for a class of up to 35

First Aid Information

We have first aid on site

Available Facilities

We have a great shop with plenty of pocket money items between £1-3.
Lunchroom space is available on request at no extra charge. We also have a beautiful public garden square where groups can picnic and enjoy a run around.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

The Charterhouse is fully accessible.

Opening Hours & Information

We offer school sessions on Mondays between 10.30-14.30pm and Tuesdays to Fridays between 10.30-13:00.


It gave the children a real-life experience of an historical period that otherwise would be completely abstract to them.

Year 2 Teacher, Portway Primary School, Newham

The children extended their learning on a topic we had been studying. Visiting Charterhouse embedded their learning.

Year 6 Gifted and Talented Teacher, Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, Kensington and Chelsea

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