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Freedog Urban Activity Centres Swindon 30 Techno Trading Estate Bramble Road, , Swindon, SN2 8HB

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PreSchool, 5 to 7 years, 8 to 10 years, 11 to 13 years, 14 to 16 years, College, University

Freedog is not just a trampoline park. It's total escape. It's Freedom. It's leaving daily life behind. It's Potential, and it's success.

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What we offer

Our core philosophy is allowing people the freedom of expression to be able to enjoy everything our centers have to offer. We are proud of offering something for everyone. From our unique Snack Shack to our parkour and freerun teams via the slam dunk zone and dodgeball courts. We think we have all bases covered to ensure a great time for all who participate.

We offer a hige space to have fun whilst set in structured learning. We also have modular classroom space with full web and conferencing connectivity. We have a host of staff with qualifications and skills that lend themselves to delivering educational and fun sessions in our main trampoline arena.

We have classrooms with full web and conferencing connectivity that can seat up to 25 students at any one time as well as a cafe with everything you may need to get you through the day.

What makes us a great choice?

Because of our huge main court and modular class room spaces. The way we have laid out our park enable us to provide a great space to have fun and to aid in learning. Our huge main court allows us to play structured games with groups that involve problem solving and working in teams. Coupled with our classroom spaces, conference facilities and great cafe, we can accommodate a varying range of groups.

What is typically included?

We ensure that each school has it's only tailor made package. This allows us to build upon a great base rate for schools to use the facility and create a package that is right for each individual key stage and age group. This is the only way we feel we can guarantee the best possible educational experiences.

Group Sizes Catered For

Anything from 5 - 175.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

We are able to provide itinerary's for any visit as well as information on all of the different options that can be included in a tailor made package. This gives the teacher the option of building the best possible experience and strike the right balance between curricular and extra curricular.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Yes, there are no restrictions.

Risk Assessment Details

Yes we are happy to provide all risk assessments.

Education Officer Information

Our venue has a team of event and schools officers. Emailing info@freedog.com will always get you to one of them.

Pricing Information

The cost of any visit can be as little as £6.50 per person depending on the kind of visit required. We like to offer the teachers a small perk of being able to come for free. We only ask that all participants purchase the safety socks that cost £2 and can be re-used on each visit.

Clothing Requirements

Athletic/gym clothing. Somehting you are happy to be active in.

First Aid Information

Every member of staff is first aid and major trauma care trained.

Available Facilities

Trampoline Arena

Classroom space

Conferencing capabilities

Structured learning

Drinks and Snacks available.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

We have staff trained in delivering sessions for disabled persons as well as full access to all areas of the park.

Opening Hours & Information

Monday - Sunday 10am - 9pm

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