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East Midlands

Treswell Road, Rampton near Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 OHX

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PreSchool, 5 to 7 years, 8 to 10 years

We are a unique theme park especially for the under 10's we are a story book theme park , as you go on your adventure through the park every area tells a story.

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What we offer

Story book village with all the fairy tale house each telling their stories, ( Hansel and Gretel, The Three Bears, Jack and the Bean stalk, the Three Little Pigs, Snow White and many more.

Take a walk down the cowboy street and step back to the olden days, learn about cleaning your teeth and not eating too many sweets in the Lollie Poppet Castle. Take a stroll down the yellow brick road to visit the wizard in his enchanted castle. Go down on the farm for the questions and answer challenge, and milk the cow while you are down there. Every area of the park exposes children's minds to wonder and surprise around every corner.

What makes us a great choice?

We are a great place for a school visit as all the children can us there imagination and roll play as they explore all the aspects of our wonderful park.

What is typically included?

Each visit to Sundown Adventureland includes a full fun day out for the children, as a special treat for all there hard work in class.

Group Sizes Catered For

We cater for group sizes of 20 or more.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

We provide key stage 1 and 2 work sheets which can be down loaded from our web site prior to your visit, so as teacher can plan there day.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

You can take as many pictures as you like, we are a public area.

Risk Assessment Details

To do a risk assessment prior to your visit, your trip must be book in with us then we can arrange your pre assessment over the phone for a day of your choice. (you are allowed 2 adults 2 hours and any accompanying person would be charged full entrance prices to enter the park). Our risk assessment is down loadable from the web site.

Education Officer Information

We do not have a educations officer but, the office staff can help with any quires.

Pricing Information

The cost of the visits change from year to year so please check out the web www.sundownadventureland.co.uk or phone 01777 248274 for the best rates at the time. ( schools with children 4 - and over will qualify for further discounted places i.e. 1 free with every 5 paying).

Clothing Requirements

No specific clothing is needed.

First Aid Information

We have 2 fully equipped first aid rooms, and qualified first aiders at Sundown.

Available Facilities

We have Cafes, Shops, ice cream kiosk, and Picnic areas, so you can purchase food or bring your own. Children could get a small gift from the with £2.50 - £4.00. Gift bags are available if pre ordered for £2.00 each they contain a pen a pencil and a little purse subject to availability.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

We are a very flat park with lots of paths and seating areas so disabled visitors can stop and rest. We also have full disabled toilets in the 3 main areas of the park.

Opening Hours & Information

We open at 10 am and close between 4pm and 6 pm depending on the season.

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