STEM Workshops

STEM workshops are a fantastic way for pupils and students to further their education in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths. As well as exploring these subjects in detail, pupils will progress in their social skills through these workshops – advancing in both their teamwork and communication abilities. The list of available workshops is endless – ranging from practical physics to robotics. Workshops provide a terrific opportunity for pupils and students to experience a school trip in their own school. Whether you’re looking for a workshop to cover key stage 1 to key stage 5, we provide workshops that cater for every educational groups need. Pupils and students can enjoy the unique opportunity of experiencing developing technologies that can also be related to real-life applications. These workshops combine elements of play, experimentation and exploration, which are invaluable tools to learning, in order to create a unique educational experience.  Please see our great choice of STEM Workshops listed on UK School Trips and contact us for further help and advice in planning your STEM workshop at school, college or educational group location.

Explorer Dome brings science to life with engaging workshops that cover aspects of physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science. These workshops are specifically designed to enhance scientific learning and increase interest in these subjects!
The Sublime Science School Workshop is Dragons Den Approved, Queen's Award Winning and Slimetastically Guaranteed to be Awesome. Don't Miss Out - Check Now
Fun Science workshops are available to primary schools and include a variety of ways of teaching curriculum science that may be beyond the scope of usual science lessons.
Science Dome offers a variety of shows for all age groups, including the Moon landings, a trip through the Solar System, Rocks and Soils, and Dinosaurs.
The Code Show brings a historical computing roadshow straight into your classroom! This workshop is perfect for any classes studying technology or the history of it.
Our workshops are designed to make science fun and exciting for children and help contribute to their understanding of how nature and the world around them works. Each lesson introduces children to a new scientific concept or idea in a simplified way.
Immersive Experiences is the UK's multi-award-winning immersive learning/entertainment outreach provider, reaching a record breaking 200,000 people a year.
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