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Set in the peaceful grounds of Tiggywinkles the worlds largest wildlife hospital and Europes first teaching hospital we have developed a very popular educational trail with the chance of meeting some of our permanent residents.

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What we offer

Young, old and even teenage students are always excited to visit and we have never failed to interest, educate and amaze groups with the British wildlife that lives around us but is seldom ever seen.

As more people are becoming aware of the wildlife around them and the problems they can get themselves into, the number of casualties arriving at our door is escalating. We are therefore delighted that we now have somewhere that schools and interested groups can wander around and learn about the specialist wildlife care available only at Tiggywinkles.

With the aid of education boards, teaching staff, a glimpse at some of our wards through glass viewing windows and interactive presentations we hope to teach others how to preserve British Wildlife for years to come.

All the residents in the Visitor Centre are permanent due to disability and would not survive if released back to the wild, therefore they are very happy to live their lives in the safe, comfortable supervised surroundings of the hospital grounds.

The hedgehog memorabilia museum: a mass of hedgehog history viewing the many ways in which hedgehogs have influenced us over the years from Egyptian time to present day. This amazing site is suitable for all ages.

The baby bird and baby mammal viewing area: This is a seasonal section of the Visitor Centre, during spring and summer you can watch our dedicated staff and volunteers care for these orphaned wild babies. Baby birds are fed every fifteen minutes so you can imagine how busy this room will get (the baby area can only be viewed from behind glass.)

We also have a large range of British Wildlife goodies available in our Souvenir shop. All our staff are more than happy to assist you in this sometimes-stressful area! We will assist the children to locate souvenirs to meet their pocket money or alternatively so that you can bypass that area altogether we offer a selection of gift bags that can be prepared for all price ranges boxed and ready for you to distribute when you return to school. This service also ensures that your student's leave with a selection of suitable wildlife souvenirs and not two mars bars!

cafe: We have a light refreshments cafe serving hot and cold drinks with an outdoor undercover-seated area.

Kids play area and picnic site: Why not take a rest while your younger students let off steam playing in the safe environment of our outdoor play centre.

NEW in 2010 - Red Kite information centre, Red kite flight aviaries and larger classroom area.

For further information visit:www.tiggywinkles.com

If you would like any further information please contact - Tiggywinkles, Aston Road,

Haddenham, Bucks, HP17 8AF 01844 292511 

Follow us no twitter: https://twitter.com/TiggywinklesUK

What makes us a great choice?

Tiggywinkles is a unique wild visit suitable for all ages. Our experienced and very laid-back staff are happy to cover any area of British Wildlife, rehabilitation and wildlife support to meet your needs in a relaxed friendly style that all children enjoy. You have all the choices, then step back and we will do all the work.

Group Sizes Catered For

Group sizes - 2010 group sizes are 1 - 75 including staff and helpers however this should increase in 2011.

All larger schools are split up into groups no larger than 25 to provide a more personal interaction and encourage full group participation.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Photography - all amateur photography and filming is welcomed.

Risk Assessment Details

Please contact: 01844 292511 Monday - Friday between 10am - 4pm to reserve a date. We will then send you an information pack with a complimentary ticket to use for a risk assessment visit or enclosed will be our risk assessment statement.

Education Officer Information

All our team are trained and experienced in teaching wildlife rehabilitation topics to all ages.

Pricing Information

Groups where the majority of the group are under 6yrs (this includes infant Year 1 students) or over 65yrs

25 people or less £85.00

26 - 35 people £95.00

36 - 50 people £140.00

51 - 60 people £170.00

61 - 75 people £200.00

75 - 100 people £270.00

Groups where the majority of the group are between 6yrs (infant Year 2 and above) and 65yrs

25 people or less £95.00

26 - 35 people £115.00

36 - 50 people £155.00

51 - 60 people £185.00

61 - 75 people £235.00

75 -100 people £310.00

First Aid Information

We have a full team of qualified first aiders permanently on site.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

Disabled facilities: Please call to be advised of parking area and drop off areas. The visitor centre is completely accessible to wheelchairs however the play area is on grass and therefore can be difficult for small wheeled wheelchairs.

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