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Welcome to Skipping4Schools, a coaching service for all ages that aims to help children boost not only their physical skillset but also delivers a valuable contribution to their emotional toolboxes.

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What are our Workshops like?

We are genuinely all about skipping skills and teaching children about their 'brain gym' but we are additionally all about the Power of Perseverance as well as the Growth Mindset!

In each of our skipping coaching sessions, all children will enjoy learning a variety of age-appropriate skipping skills, whether they are individual skipping skills, partner skipping, long rope skipping or double-dutch skipping. We try to make the sessions as all-inclusive as possible and teach a wealth of skills for all ages! By teaching children a whole raft of new skills, we are promoting the development of gross and fine motor skills but for us, skipping is also about the ‘brain gym’, setting challenges to help children develop new neural pathways. 

 Use skipping as a fidget buster! Have you noticed children getting wriggly and losing their focus in lessons? Start with a 5 minute burst of skipping (jump along whilst reciting the alphabet or times tables or a poem etc.) and you’ll deliver a burst of oxygen as well as calm those fidgets.

5mins in the morning and 5 mins before lessons in the afternoon – cardio boost

Start every PE lesson with a skipping warm up – builds hand-eye coordination, improves footwork skills (for netball and football), great core strength builder (for swimming, dance and gymnastics). 

But why Skipping4Schools in particular? Throughout the day and particularly in sessions with the older children, your coach will share his unique personal experience with the children to try to create a real sense of positivity and a 'can do' approach - as well as some brilliant skipping skills! - to demonstrate perseverance and resilience, and to give the children a real life example of the difference between "I can't do this" and "I can't do this YET", a powerful lesson in fixed mindset vs growth mindset that children can definitely take back into the classroom and their everyday lives.

We help children to discover their inner support infrastructure through the promotion of the important lifeskills of resilience and perseverance. The coaching they receive in what is ostensibly a physical education class covers both the physical and mental aspect of the growth mindset, encouraging children to think positive, be positive and do positive.

What makes us a great choice?

Our day usually breaks into 7 coaching sessions, which works well for single-form entry schools so that we skip with children from Reception to Y6 in the course of a normal school day. If you have more or fewer than 7 classes, please get in touch and we’ll discuss how we can tailor the format to work to suit the number of classes in your school. For the younger children in school, we realise that they may be slightly apprehensive about skipping and the skipping rope itself and so we have devised some familiarisation exercises which are all good fun, very active and although there may be no individual skipping itself, our activities definitely help the children feel that they have taken part in a skipping day with fun, active long rope activities and skipping games.

We’ll teach the basic skills to all years but will then offer age-appropriate skipping skills so that not only will the older children be able to model these basics to the younger children, but that each class is able to learn from each other, helping to boost intra-school cohesion.

Accreditation and Awards

Members of AfPE (Association of Physical Education) and BRSA- accredited coaching levels (British Rope Skipping Association)

Group Sizes Catered For

We work with standard teaching class sizes so to a max. of approx 30.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

  • Our days should not be seen as a flash in the pan so, to help sustain skipping, we've created a set of resources which are sent - via email and free of charge - after our coaching day, consisting of our 8-week Skipping Programme (really useful for Supervisory Staff), our Hop to the Top competition (with guidelines) as well as our Mini Daily Challenge (again with guidelines).


  • These resources have all been designed with teacher/SSCO/PDM input, to encourage children to practice on a consistent and constructive basis as well as proactively, hopefully taking some of the strain off teachers and offering schools a way to sustain skipping in the school. We know that a skipping day with us invariably leaves the playground full of skipping and bouncing for weeks after we've been but we hope that our resources will extend this to months, so giving schools great value for money!


  • Please note: although the resources are geared to KS2s there are certainly skills that the younger children can participate in. The skills for little ones can be adapted by doing the steps without the ropes and simply adding an appropriate arm action!


  • Additionally, we offer a Staff Inset that takes place at the end of a skipping day and usually last around an hour or so.

During this inset, staff will be taught:

  1. a) how much fun skipping is!
  2. b) how to teach children how to skip and;
  3. c) turning ropes and guiding children. This, coupled with our resources, enables staff to join in on a proactive basis and keep skipping up as an activity all year long! The price is usually £15.00 per person or a flat rate of £75.00 for as many participants as you like. 


Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Not appropriate. Please note: any copying/recording of our materials and/or techniques on the day or at any time thereafter is strictly prohibited without prior agreement from Sports Skipping for Schools Ltd. 

Risk Assessment Details

On School Premises.

Pricing Information

Costs for a skipping day in the 2017/2018 academic year are as follows:

  1. a) Schools with up to 99 children on roll = £275.00 Small School Skip
    b) Schools with between 100 - 135 children on roll = £275.00 per child
    c) Schools with 136-230 children on roll = £375.00 for 1 x Full Day Skip
    d) Mighty Oak Package – Full Day Skip + Class Set of ropes = £500.00
    e) Wonderful Willow Package – Full Day Skip + Playground Set = £450.00

Clothing Requirements

Appropriate clothing must be worn, although full PE kit is not essential but children MUST wear trainers please. Water must also be available through the day. Note that we require an appropriately-sized hall/space for the number of children skipping.

First Aid Information

Basic first aid only.

Booking information

Please Contact Tina

e-mail  or call: 01743 361863

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