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Tuffley Lane, Gloucester, GL4 0AS

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Imagine a life-size village with shops, a playground, traffic lights and an internet cafe all under one roof. A place where you can learn about staying safe in the most exciting ways.

Listed under: Day Trip Destinations | Citizenship | Special Educational Needs (SEN) | Safety Awareness | Personal Development-Mentoring | Science | PSHE | Leisure and Tourism | ICT | Geography | Environmental Studies | English | Drama / Performing Arts | Team Building

What we offer

Divided into 16 zones we teach young people essential life skills and let them make decisions about safety - whether that's wearing a seatbelt or how to escape a house fire - all in an interactive and engaging way.

Our website for more info: http://www.skillzone.glosfire.gov.uk

What makes us a great choice?

We are the newest safety centre in the country. Pupils will be bombarded with realistic sounds, sights and smells as they learn how to recognize dangerous situations and stay safe in our life-size village.

Group Sizes Catered For

A maximum of 50 per group

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

Our centre is particularly useful to Year 5 and 6 pupils as it fits with their PSHE curriculum but we cater for all ages. Some resources are available here:

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Yes, no restrictions.

Risk Assessment Details

We provide risk assessments.

Pricing Information

£5 per child.

Clothing Requirements


First Aid Information

Yes, all our volunteers are trained in first aid.

Available Facilities

We don?t sell food here but there is space for children to eat a packed lunch if arranged.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

We are equipped for disabled children including carpark, access and lift in our house.

Opening Hours & Information

We run two sessions per day. Monday to Friday. Mornings 10am - 12pm and afternoons 1pm -3pm.


Daina Kelly, Queen Margaret Primary School Teacher said; I wish we could have stayed longer. It is a definite must? to come again as I think all children will benefit from a visit.

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