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Silver Blades Ice Rink Widnes The Hive Earle Road Unit 1 Venture Fields, Widnes, WA8 0TA

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This sport is both active and healthy and will benefit your students in their health, ice skating is also a great way for your students to enjoy themselves and socialise with each other.

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What we offer

Please quote UKST1 for group bookings & discounts.

What we can offer you! We can offer you a unique sport for your students to participate in for a trip or group booking. We offer skate hire in the price if you do not have your own skates. We also have a cafe so you can get hot or cold drinks and hot and cold food. We also have skating aids which will aid your students while skating.

If you request a 1 hour ice hockey lesson then please enquire by phone call or email. Any enquires or to book with us please don?t hesitate to call us on 0151 420 7930 or email us. You can also request a skating coach for your booking.

(Please quote UKST1 for group bookings and discounts)

What makes us a great choice?

We are a great place for educational visits because we are something different to everywhere else. Ice skating is a very exciting sport and it exercises nearly all of the bodies muscles so it is a very good form of excise. Also it's a good way for your students to use lots of energy and it also teaches them to learn new things, because most of them wouldn?t have ice skated before s everything will be new. We can provide structured sessions with skating coaches if requested and also we can do ice hockey sessions if requested.

Group Sizes Catered For

Groups must be 10 or more and staff will skate for free.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

We do offer a project which is aimed at business studies students which is create your own ice rink. We also have create your own ice hockey team booklets which is aimed at primary school students. These do have prizes for the winners and those taking part. We also have leaflet packs that will be given out with free vouchers in also.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

There are no restrictions on pictures been taken, as long as they are not taken while students are on the ice, because we have a rule that is no phones or cameras to be used on the ice.

Risk Assessment Details

When you book if you ask for a risk assessment we will email you over our up to date risk assessment, we will also send a public liability letter.

Education Officer Information

We don?t have an education officer however we do have a community development officer who will go out to schools and do floorball or ball hockey lessons which will be as close to ice hockey as possible or we could even do an ice hockey session for a class or multiple classes if you call up and enquire.

(Please quote UKST1 for group bookings and discounts)

Pricing Information

The morning ice skating session is run from 10:00am till 13:00pm and the afternoon session is run from 13:30 till 15:45pm. The cost of these sessions is £4 per person if the group is 10 or more and included in this price is skate hire and a number of skating aids. Accompanying adults skate for free. You can come at anytime during the sessions however the price will still be £4 each throughout if the group is of 10 or more.

(Please quote UKST1 for group bookings and discounts)

Clothing Requirements

No specific clothing is required but we do recommend to attend in warm clothes as it is around -5 degrees inside. We sell gloves at the ice rink at £2 per pair.

First Aid Information

There is always a first aider within the facilities and we also have a first aid room and all of the equipment we will need.

Available Facilities

We have the main ice pad which is where the students will ice skate, we also have a dinky rink which is a smaller ice pad at the back of the rink which you can also skate on. We have a cafe which serves food and drink, a meal deal is £4.50 which consists of chips, a hotdog or burger and a cold drink, we do encourage you to book the meal deal before you arrive so when you book so we can ensure we have the staff and equipment. The cafe also sells slushes, muffins, shortbread and hoot drinks. We have a skate hire which is where you will get the ice skates and skating aids from. We also have an ice rink shop which sells ice skates, miscellaneous items, hockey equipment and there is also Widnes Wild merchandise which is out semi-professional ice hockey team at the ice rink. There is a small eating area in front of the cafe and there are other places around rink to sit down and eat.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

Our building is accessible by wheelchair and wheelchairs can also go on the ice. We often have disabled people attend ice skating sessions and they seem to enjoy it and we don?t really have any problems in these sessions.

Opening Hours & Information

We are open 365 days a year and throughout the week when you would come and visit us the session times are 10:00am till 13:00pm which is one session, then we run another one from 13:30pm till 15:45pm. We also run an after school ice skating session on a Tuesday and Thursday from 16:00pm till 18:00pm.

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