American Themed Restaurants

American Themed Restaurants are the perfect school trip for any classes studying food Technology, nutrition, leisure and tourism and even business studies. One of the most admiring qualities of these restaurants is that there is something for students of all ages. Younger children may be more intrigued by the various textures and tastes of the food, while older students might take more interest in the business side of the restaurants. Whatever the aim of the school trip is, every student is guaranteed to enjoy themselves and experience top-quality food. These restaurants offer both school trips and workshops, where students have the opportunity to discover various different foods and learn more about the process of cooking. By taking part in these types of activities, pupils will further their knowledge on nutrition and take away important knowledge about how to maintain a healthy diet. As well as the delicious food, the theme of these restaurants ensure that students will have an entertaining and enjoyable experience. The American theme will transport students to another world, where they will be surrounded by rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia and classic American music.

Hard Rock Café London, students can explore a unique rock n roll museum, where they can discover memorabilia of music history & learn about marketing initiatives. We combine a 45 minute presentation, followed by a Q&A, tour, competition & set lunch.
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