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Many schools today find that a Roman visiting their school can be a very affordable way to add first hand experience to the Roman topic, be it at primary or secondary education level.

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What are our Workshops like?


Roman Tours Ltd illustrate the story of the Roman invasion of Britain and the assimilation of the British tribes into the empire nearly 2,000 years ago. We do this using a combination of character acting, role play, questioning and demonstration that is interactive, informative and entertaining to all ages.

We provide a service to primary and secondary education that is a curriculum-relevant experience. We also conduct specially tailored sessions for schools catering for disabilities and special needs.

We have developed this service in line with the curriculum and are available throughout the U.K.


What makes us a great choice?

We visit schools, dressed in full replica armour and equipment. All our equipment is an exact copy of what has been found through archaeology investigation. We engage pupils through curriculum-relevant role play, character acting, questioning and activities, providing a unique educational experience around the life of the soldier, impact on British culture, Roman society, medicine, military training and drill, towns, roads, sanitation, ladies and make up, and lifestyles.

Whether you visit us at one of our venues (Chester Grosvenor Museum, Museum of Science and Industry manchester) or we visit your school, your students will receive an unforgettable experience of Roman times.

We have been presenting Roman history for 11 years and our service is available to your school regardless of its location. We even work with MOD schools in Germany. If you have a special needs/disabilities we will tailor a package with our suitably trained staff.

Areas Visited

All over the UK.

Group Sizes Catered For

A full day is often sufficient for most schools, though we also provide in some cases 2 and 3 day visits for the larger schools.

The group size really depends on the students ability to work in larger groups. Our preference is to keep group sizes to one class (25 to 35) this allows for the students to handle artifacts etc.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

Teachers pre visit packs are provided by the Grosvenor Museum for visits to us at Chester.

For our outreach to schools we provide an outline of a typical visit via email or mail. This allows the teacher to consider where they may like to tailor a visit. We also supply a PDF of the contents of a typical Soldiers marching pack.

We can also offer the students an opportunity to help make their own replica Roman coin. This is often done after school with parents giving them an experience of the Roman soldier that has been at the school. (The students need to bring £1 for this service)

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

We are content with schools taking pictures and pieces of video during our presentations. We do not apply any restrictions other than we we require a credit to Roman Tours Ltd if they are to be used outside of the school or on a web site etc. Restrictions only apply to commercial usage.

Risk Assessment Details

For visits to Chester we have a generic risk assessment for our service and the Museum also provides guide lines for teachers to prepare there own risk assessments. All our activities and equipment is risk assessed.

Education Officer Information

For visit to Chester the contact is Lorna Kernahan and Kate Harland Tel 01244 402017

For our outreach to your school speak to Paul or Charlene Harston Tel 01978 761264 or 07885 403485.

Pricing Information

Cost of a visit to your school/venue are calculated on distance and number of students. We do offer discounts for new customers and small schools.

Visits to Chester and Manchester are fixed price packages please refer to these site's for information.

Clothing Requirements

Wet weather clothing is advised when visiting us at Chester or Manchester. For visits to you the whole session can be provided indoors.

First Aid Information

Though we hold pediatric first aid certification the preference is always that this is handled by the school as a familiar attendance reduces shock and anxiety. Educational policy does require a school to provide suitable cover.

Available Facilities

Both of our sites at Manchester and Chester provide a lunch and shop facilities for packed lunches. They also provide pre-bookable goodie bags at a set price. During outreach this is not applicable. Though we can provide a coin striking facility when required in schools.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

All our venues provide for disabilities and special needs. We are able to offer our service to all types of special needs and disabilities across the U.K. We will specifically tailor session to enhance sensory perception through , sound, touch, smell and taste and experience with our specially trained staff.

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