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Rainbow Factory Gate 3 Springfield Commercial Centre Bagley Lane, Farsley, Leeds, LS28 5LY

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Rainbow Factory is the only attraction of its kind in the north of England. Our storytelling wonderland is an alternative to museums and historical attractions, creating a world where traditional children’s stories and modern classics come to life.

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What we offer

The Rainbow Factory, in Leeds, is a unique attraction specialising in storytelling through the creative arts.

From theatre shows and TIE inspired by a variety of themes including Traditional Tales - to puppetry and creative-writing workshops, themed workshops which immerse children in subjects ranging from pirates to detectives and superheroes, our Supporting Science Through Story Package - featuring CSI workshops – and even more!

Our team’s aim is to inspire a love of reading and encourage youngsters to use their imagination.

We believe in the power of storytelling and imagination and one of our key goals is to help improve literacy standards, by offering youngsters a different learning dynamic.

Our team consists of specialists including published authors, award-winning artists,
teachers, performers and a playwright.

And all activities are led by Rainbow Factory staff, meaning less stress for your teachers and support workers.

Our school trips offer a unique experience that will transport your pupils to other worlds for a day - and hopefully beyond!

What makes us a great choice?

The Rainbow Factory is the only attraction of its kind in the north of England.

Our storytelling wonderland is a magical alternative to museums and historical attractions, giving children the chance to discover exciting new ways to explore stories through theatre, interactive storytelling, crafts and more.

Our Creative Space alone inspires children to use their imagination!

The factory is the only venue in the country to showcase the work of talented artist Richard Underwood.

Our Artistic Director has painstakingly created more than 100 hand-made models of storybook characters including Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Little Red Riding Hood, as well as his own original creations.

Our School Trips feature carefully-planned, fun-packed workshops, which can include:
• Creative Writing
• Interactive & Theatrical Storytelling
• Physical Theatre & Movement
• Craft & Model-Making
• Puppetry
• Illustration.

Accreditation and Awards

We are in the process of applying for the LOtC Quality Badge.

What is typically included?

There’s no such thing as a typical visit to - or from - the Rainbow Factory!

The Rainbow Factory is the perfect place for children to discover and develop their creative talents.

From story-writing to crafts, theatre and more, we ensure every child has the opportunity to shine, whatever their educational needs.

We now offer four unique programmes. Two involve a visit to us and for the other two, we'll come to you!

Visit Us! School Trip - Step inside the stories in a magical experience that will transport pupils to other worlds for the day. For up to 120 pupils.

School Trip - Show & Workshops Packages 
These kick off with a theatrical performance, followed by workshops inspired by your package theme.
Workshops can include illustration with our in-house artist, crafts, theatre games, puppetry,
storyboarding and imaginative writing

Choose from FIVE different shows – individually designed for audiences of different ages – from EYFS all the way through to Key Stage 3.

School Trip - Themed Workshops Packages 
These enable pupils to be part of an immersive experience, through engaging character-led workshops that will have them walking the plank, flying like a superhero, digging up the past and reaching for their spy glass.

Choose from FOUR themes: Pirates & Princesses; Superheroes; Horrible Histories; and Spies & Detectives.

End of Term Treat
If you fancy a trip that’s focused on fun - look no further! For up to 120 pupils.

We'll Visit You! Theatre In Education
Enjoy our dynamic productions, as our talented team bring their unique creativity and passion for performance into your school.

Choose from THREE different shows, individually designed for audiences of different ages – from EYFS all the way through to Key Stage 3. For 30 to 100 pupils.

In-Class Specialist Workshops
Looking for exciting new ways to inspire pupils’ creativity? Why not invite our talented specialists into your school?

Our experts will share their knowledge through interactive and dynamic workshops, to help expand and enhance pupils’ understanding of a particular topic or theme. Max 40 pupils.

Detailed descriptions of each programme below:

Visit Us: Programme 1 - School Trips Show & Workshops Packages
Little Red Riding Hood - Nursery & EYFS - Interactive Storytelling
Discover the “truth” behind this much-loved traditional tale, as we retell the story from the two perspectives of Little Red & the Wolf.

This show celebrates acceptance, tolerance and bravery and shows children how communication breaks down prejudices and promotes understanding and friendship.

Traditional Tales - EYFS & KS1 - Topsy-Turvy Storybook Kingdom
Journey with the Storybird to the Storybook Kingdom, where a wicked wizard is determined to put an end to all the Happy Ever Afters! Meet Little Red, the Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks, Gretel and Jack, as their familiar stories are given a topsy-turvy twist.

This show celebrates loyalty, determination and friendship and offers children the chance to explore alternative versions of stories they know and understand characters’ motives.

Myths & Legends - KS1 & KS2 - The Journey of Hercules & Friends
Explore a labyrinth of Greek myths. Sit back and watch the show, then get involved. Workshops can include story dice, myths with a twist, making the Argonauts’ ship, solving the Riddle of the Sphinx and more.

Literacy Development & Creative Writing - KS1, KS2 & KS3 - A Story Short
What happens when your life depends on having a story but you find yourself ‘a story short’? This is the situation facing the storyteller when he lands the job of entertainer to the Queen of Hearts but his stories eventually run out.

Luckily a mysterious beggar helps him weave a new tale from a series of magical events. Will he survive? And what is the secret ingredient that makes his stone soup taste so good?

The Story Short is an excellent springboard into the art of storytelling. With its descriptive dialogue, magic tricks, puppetry, larger-than-life characters and a talking cat, this is an original show that will both engage and entertain no end!

Supporting Science Through Story - KS1 & KS2 - CSI: Story Town – Once Upon A Crime
There’s trouble in Story Town! A crime has been committed, and everyone is under suspicion, there are the usual suspects; the Witch and the Big Bad Wolf …but when the cowboy & the Alien Peace Envoy have no alibi either, it’s clear this is going to be a tough case to crack!

Can you help piece together the clues and solve the crime?! Using a mixture of Hot-Seating, Data Analysis and Scientific Investigation, children will work through a series of tasks to get to the truth and unmask the true villain. Please ask about the workshop packages available for KS1, KS2 and KS3.

Typical Schedule for the Show & Workshops School Trips Packages
After an introduction the children are divided into groups. They then rotate between the different areas for a series of workshops, each lasting around 20 to 30 minutes.

Woodland Tales
Here the children can explore different stories using the handmade models constructed by our talented in-house artist Richard Underwood.

Our stage comes complete with professional lighting, costumes and props. Here youngsters will develop their creative storytelling, music, drama, performance and verbal communication skills.

Rainbow Room
Here the children can practice their writing and illustration skills. In a workshop which underpins key areas of the curriculum, they are invited to develop their own stories and explore what it feels like to be a real-life author!

Creative Kitchen
This area of the factory is filled with craft materials galore! Depending on each individual school trip, children may work with our in-house artist to make their own mini masterpiece.

Secret Garden
The Rainbow Factory values outdoor play and provides active learning opportunities in this green space, including activities which encourage individual skills, group dynamics and imaginative play.

Our Secret Garden is also the perfect spot for a picnic during the warmer months, with children able to eat their packed lunches while enjoying picturesque views across the valley.

Visit Us: Programme 1 - School Trips Themed Workshops Packages
Pirates & Princesses
It’s time to walk the plank and delve into stories of swashbuckling pirates and empowered princesses with us.

Workshops can include: making salt-dough pirates & princesses, making an eye patch & pirate's hat, pirate training, princess training, the Pirates & Princess Quest
and more!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s our Superhero Experience! Watch in awe as pupils immerse
themselves in a world where anything is possible – and everyone wears a cape! These fun-packed activities take inspiration from timeless tales of good versus evil.

Workshops can include: making superhero masks and shields; making 'exploding' sandwich bags & 'lava'; superhero & super-villain training, superhero gadget-making, producing a storm in a (tea)cup and more!

Horrible Histories
Join us as we journey through time to discover the fun side of some horrible history, inspired by terrific tales of times gone by.

Workshops can include: creating a hieroglyph name tablet, training to be a Roman soldier, making a WW2 warship & testing whether it floats, designing a WW2 air craft, creating an Aztec calendar and more!

Spies & Detectives
Are your pupils inquisitive characters that would relish the opportunity to uncover the truth? We have the perfect activities for them!

Workshops can include: solving the 'crime' during detective training, learning the tricks of the trade in our CSI skills workshop, taking fingerprints & footprints, solving a mystery using chromatography, making Secret Club badges, mask-making and more!

Visit Us: Programme 2 - End-of-Term Treat
If you fancy a trip focused on fun - look no further!

As well as being perfect for school trips, the Rainbow Factory is also tailor-made for a end- of-term treat.

We'll kick things off with a special theatrical performance, then follow it up with an exciting activity. This could be arts & crafts, drama, or an interactive story.

So, whether your pupils have worked their socks off on their SATs or just deserve a reward for all their efforts, why not whisk them away to our storytelling wonderland for two magical hours?

We’ll Visit You: Programme 3 - Theatre-in-Education
We will perform an educational and fun-packed show for you, at your school.

We offer three packages that aim to inspire children with a love of story. All of the Rainbow Factory’s productions are interactive, original and enchanting and aim to help you to meet key education targets.

Choose from:
Little Red Riding Hood – Nursery & EYFS
Traditional Tales: Topsy-Turvy Storybook Kingdom – EYFS & KS1
Literacy Development & Creative Writing – KS1, KS2 & KS3

TIE Workshops
After the show, we will provide accompanying workshops. These engaging, practical sessions offer pupils the opportunity to develop their own storytelling skills. We aim to inspire them to unleash their imagination and discover their inner storyteller!

We’ll Visit You: Programme 4 – In-Class Specialist Workshops
Looking for exciting new ways to inspire pupils’ creativity? Why not invite our talented specialists into your school?

They’ll share their knowledge through interactive and dynamic workshops, to help expand and enhance pupils’ understanding of a particular topic or theme.

Choose from our three packages:

Theatrical Storytelling & Creative Writing.

Illustration & Model-Making.


Group Sizes Catered For

The maximum number of children we can accommodate is 120.

You are welcome to bring small groups but there is a minimum charge of £285 - which equates to 30 pupils.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

We provide our Education Pack containing all the details about our education provision plus additional information such as risk assessments. In terms of teaching resources, these are uploaded to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TeachersImaginationStation/

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Visitors are welcome to take photos. However, video and audio recordings are not permitted.

Risk Assessment Details

We conduct our own risk assessments and provide guidance for teachers visiting us. This information is sent out to schools, along with other additional information, once a trip has been booked.

Education Officer Information

Our Education Officer and Production Director is Lydia Toumazou.

For all bookings and information please call the education team on 0113 257 5750 or email info@rainbowfactorykids.com

Pricing Information

School Trip Packages: From £9.50 per pupil

End of Term Treat: From £6 per pupil

Theatre In Education: From £399

In-Class Specialist Workshops: From £299

Supervising adults attend for free and are also provided with free tea and coffee.
Free on-site coach parking

First Aid Information

Our staff do have basic first aid training but we encourage schools to bring a qualified first aider with them.

Available Facilities

Stage, garden, dressing-up area, craft kitchen, unique models of characters from traditional tales, plus cafe.

The cafe serves hot and cold food but we encourage pupils to bring their own packed lunches which they can eat in our designated dining area, or outside in our Secret Garden during the warmer months.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

The Rainbow Factory has fantastic accessibility including a lift at the building entrance, disabled toilets and an open-plan layout across one level, which is very wheelchair friendly.

You can find out more about accessibility at the Rainbow Factory on our website: http://www.rainbowfactorykids.com/

Opening Hours & Information

School trips can be booked on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during term-time.

School trips usually take place between 10am and 2.30pm.

Please ring 0113 257 5750 to ask about available days and times for End of Term Treats, Theatre in Education and Story Makers sessions.


“Best school trip I have ever taken a class on! The staff completely take care of everything from start to finish, this left our staff to enjoy the day stress free and see the children enjoying all of the planned activities. The children were engaged from start to finish and their behaviour was brilliant, which is solely down to how much they enjoyed themselves. Highly recommended and will definitely be returning!” Lynsey Pinch, Woodlands Primary, Leeds.

We have lots of positive reviews from teachers on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/RainbowFactoryKids

Other Information

We can provide food, with enough notice, but we would prefer children to bring their own lunch packs due to dietary requirements. Children will eat their lunch in the Rainbow Room, Gingerbread Café or, weather permitting, in our outdoor Secret Garden area.

Parking: We provide free, on-site parking. The coach will be able to drive all the way to the main entrance where you will be met by our team.

Availability: School trips can be booked for Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We fill up fast so we suggest you get in touch as soon as possible!

Send us an email!

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