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Oulton Broad Water Sports Centre Nicholas Everitt Park Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, NR33 9JR

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8 to 10 years, 11 to 13 years, 14 to 16 years, College, University

Oulton Broad Water Sports Centre is one of the finest in the UK. Situated in the Broads it is an ideal venue for beginners to learn and participate in the safe Broads environment.

Listed under: Day Trip Destinations | Environmental Studies | Team Building | Safety Awareness | Personal Development-Mentoring | Outdoor Pursuits | Outdoor Education | PE (Physical Education/Sport) | Mathematics | Geography | Water Sports

What we offer

Our fully trained, dedicated staff provide high quality instruction and the Centre provides all the safety equipment, classroom, changing and shower facilities.

The activities we offer are Sailing, Kayaking, Power Boating, Canoeing, Raft Building, Team Building.

What makes us a great choice?

OBWSC is the leading water sports facility in North Suffolk, offering excellent learning opportunities for schools, youth groups and public/community use.

We pride ourselves on tailoring bespoke courses and activities to meet the needs of your students and young people. Our passion is learning outside the classroom in a way that is inclusive, safe, challenging and fun.

Accreditation and Awards

We have AALS, BC, RYA recondition.

Group Sizes Catered For

We can cater for groups up to 50

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

We provide teacher material for Royal Yachting Association and British Canoeing, on certificated courses instructors may set a work sheet.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Yes, but we have to talk with the teacher/group leader/ Parents / Carers prior to the event to ensure it suits all participants on site.

Risk Assessment Details

We provide risk assessments and operating procedures on request, site visits can be arranged prior to the activity.

Education Officer Information

The Centre Manager Richard Thomas would liaise as the Education Officer, using our links with The Ashley School Academy Trust, an Outstanding local school.

Pricing Information

The cost is £20 per person, per 3 hour session. We like to have 6 students in a group but this can be discussed when we create your bespoke programme. Supervising adults go for free.

Clothing Requirements

Parent and Student Advisory Sheet
Students should bring the following with them:

Clothes that can get wet and are appropriate to the weather, no denim or similar, spare clothing to change into after the activity

A plastic bag to put wet kit in at the end of the session


Old trainers or sailing shoes, they will get wet and all students have to wear footwear on the water, no child will be allowed to go on the water without footwear

A windproof / waterproof cagoule and trousers and a wetsuit are useful, but not essential as the centre will be able to provide some of this equipment. Please see the table below to see what each centre is able to provide.

Oulton Broad - Centres Buoyancy Aids - Wetsuits, Waterproof Jackets, Waterproof Trousers.

When the weather is cooler, it is advisable to bring a warm hat; it is always slightly cooler on the water than on land.

In the hotter months, students should bring sun cream, a baseball cap / sun hat and a bottle of water

Any refreshments that they may require during the activity and a packed lunch if it is an all-day programme.

Students under 18 years old are not allowed to wear rings, hooped / dangling earrings or other facial piercings, long necklaces or bracelets on the water. Long hair should be tied back.

If your child has difficulties swimming please inform the instructor.

Watches are not advisable, even if waterproof.

Any information regarding the student's status of health must be declared to the instructors, via the parental consent form.

Students should give any medication that may be required to the instructor, if it is likely that it will be needed on the water, e.g. inhalers, EpiPens

Cuts or open wounds should be covered with a waterproof plaster before going on the water.

All students will have been issued with a Weil's Disease Fact Sheet. There are a number of water borne diseases and therefore if your child does become ill, within three weeks of being on the water please consult a doctor. Also show your doctor the Weil's Disease Fact Sheet. There have not been many reported cases of Weil's disease or any other water based diseases over the last few years in Suffolk, but we like to make sure that all students and parents are informed.

We do not recommend that students bring mobile phones, iPods or large amounts of money but if you do, please hand them to your instructor or group leader at the start of the session, including expensive items such as branded trainers. OBWSC cannot guarantee the safety of items left unattended in the changing rooms or other areas.

First Aid Information

We have a number of First Aid kits on site and all of our staff are first aid trained.

Available Facilities

We have changing facilities for boys and girls with a shower for wheelchair uses, classroom and picnic benches. There are local shops to purchase lunch and a fish and chip shop. Yes there are facilities to eat a packed lunch.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

We link directly with the Ashley School Academy Trust, an outstanding school, and run activity sessions which are either one day, a week, or part of a 2 year programme. We have a disabled hoist to transfer people from a chair to a boat, we are able to link with our local Sail-ability club and create a bespoke programme to fit your needs.

Opening Hours & Information

We are open all year round.


both my daughters loved it. The group was great and got on well together. The instructors were fun and made it great fun. Excellent idea bringing the opportunity to school
I loved everything, especially team building. I loved raft building a lot. It was brilliant, I would love to come again
My best bit was managing to sail a boat on my own, the staff were extremely nice and very supportive
My best bit was on the water sailing, the instructors were ace
I learned so much in one session
I enjoyed making friends and sailing in a bug
My favourite part was sailing on a windy day and learning how to rig a sailing boat
being let loose and the faith to operate a boat on own
great that you were flexible enough to allow us to kayak and sail.

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