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Tours can be tailored to the curriculum about a range of topics surrounding primate welfare &conservation. Enjoy enrichment days where groups can help make items used in the enclosures and learn about the importance of primate care and stimulation.

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What we offer

Our 65-acre park in the heart of the Dorset countryside is home to over 250 rescued and endangered apes and monkeys. Many have been neglected, kept in unnatural conditions or experienced unbelievable cruelty. Some are now part of international breeding programmes for endangered species. Here they can all enjoy the company of their own kind in a safe and natural environment.

Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre was set up in 1987 by Jim Cronin to provide a permanent, stable home for abused Spanish chimpanzees. Today, his wife, Dr. Alison Cronin, continues to work with foreign governments worldwide to stop the illegal smuggling of primates from Africa.

Monkey World offers Talks and Tours at the park or in the classroom. Talks can be tailored to visit in with the current curriculum or your class topic. The dedicated education team can not only talk about Monkey World itself but a range of topics surrounding primate welfare and conservation. Enrichment days can be organized at the park where groups can help make items used in the enclosures and learn about the importance of primate care and stimulation.

What makes us a great choice?

We are the home of the European Cr?che for orphaned orang-utans, and are part of the European breeding programme for 3 endangered species at the park - the orang-utan, golden-cheeked gibbon and woolly monkey.

We have the largest group of chimps outside of Africa

We are based in a beautiful woodland setting with lots of natural wildlife living alongside the more than 250 primates of 20 different species. All the primates have a different story to be learnt when visiting the park.

Group Sizes Catered For

We can cater for groups from 2 - 100 if there are more groups can be split up to accommodate everyone at different times in the day.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

Visit our website to find downloadable material, we also offer education packs for Key Stage 1 and 2 which are available in our gift shop. Teachers are welcome to come for familiarization visits prior to bringing their students, or discuss any information with our schools liaison officer in advance.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Children are welcome to take photos and videos. The primates are copyright to Monkey World and we ask that all images take are for personal use only.

Risk Assessment Details

We do have a risk assessment available for teachers which is sent out with the group booking form

Education Officer Information

Annie Bentley - Schools Liaison Officer

Pricing Information

Group and School discounts are available, all prices are on our website.

Clothing Requirements

Sensible shoes for walking around, if the weather is bad bring coats/umbrellas etc.

First Aid Information

There is always a first aider on sight.

Available Facilities

We have 2 cafe's on sight, lots of picnic areas and a gift shop.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

We have disabled toilets, a changing area and our paths are all accessible (except the Woodland Walk, but there are no primate enclosures here)

Please note we do not have a hoist at the park.

Opening Hours & Information

We are open every day except Christmas Day 10am - 5pm (10am - 6pm during July and August)


We have many testimonials featured on our website.

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