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Circus Lions workshops are great for both team building and individual development. Children can take on fun challenges and experience the thrill of learning new skills and overcoming initial mental barriers to enhance their potential.

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What makes us a great choice?

Circus Lions and Lazer Lions activities are both very accessible to children of varying ages and abilities and are enjoyed by all.

Lazer Lions teaches teamwork, perseverance, and strategic thinking.

Circus Lions proves to children (and adults) that although something may at first seem impossible, with the right focus and dedication obstacles can be overcome and the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Circus Lions also promotes children to spend less time on sedentary activities and focus more on improving skills. Coordination, fitness, and creativity are all greatly improved through our physical activities and the benefits of these gains can be carried forward in other areas.

Areas Visited

If you only visit are certain days and times please also mention this here.

All of Surrey and most surrounding areas.

Group Sizes Catered For

6 - 250

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

Yes, we provide sticker award booklets which also contain inspirational quotes from world leaders for both Lazer Lions & Circus Lions which all participants will receive as well as the stickers for the awards they have gained throughout the session. Samples can be sent to the school beforehand.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Yes .

Pricing Information

Each School in Surrey is eligible for one FREE workshop. A Lazer Lions workshop must be booked before a FREE Circus Lions workshop can be booked.

Schools surrounding Surrey may also be eligible for one FREE workshop, please contact us for details.

First Aid Information

Yes but we don’t provide first aid. We carry some first aid materials which the school staff may use.

Other Information

Laser Lions & Circus Lions aim to bring amazing entertaining and educational physical activity events to all children across Surrey and surrounding areas. We are therefore offering Schools in Surrey one FREE workshop day of each Laser Tag and Circus Skills. To be eligible for a FREE Circus Skills workshop you must have already booked a FREE Laser Tag workshop.

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