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We bring science to life for primary school children through hands-on science workshops in your school. We have workshops on electrical circuits, Eco-electricity, space, materials, aerodynamics, bathbomb & perfume making, forces, sound & on light. 

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What are our Workshops like?

At Working Science, we bring science to life for primary school children through hands-on science workshops in your school. We have workshops on electrical circuits, Eco-electricity, space, materials, aerodynamics, bathbomb and perfume making, forces, sound and on light for your school to choose from. We also provide sensory science workshops for Special schools.

We are seeking to help schools connect science with children's real life experiences and to make science relevant to all learners. We particularly wish to help children learn how science is used to make exciting new products and gizmos that we all can relate to like mobile phones, IPods and Plasma TVs.

Our workshops are be ideal for a science or Eco-week in your school this year. We can provide 3 workshops per day for different classes, each 1.5 hours long, and whilst we visit your school, we can also provide a whole school assembly at the beginning of the school day. We provide workshops that cover and extend the science curriculum for primary school.

Our unique workshops cover the following topics:

Changing States



Space, Stars and the Universe

Getting into Space and Exploring

Light and Electricity

Great Scientists and their Discoveries

Bath-bomb and Bubble-bath Making

Perfume Making and Marketing

Sound and Vibrations


Fun Science Party - with a mixture of popular activities

Sensory Science

What makes us a great choice?

Working Science only allows a scientist to provide its workshops. Dr Gareth Francis, who delivers all of our workshops is a Doctor of Physics and Astrophysics, with a wide knowledge of difference scientific disciplines and a passion for explaining them to children. Having a real scientist come into your school can be an important factor in enthusing children to develop a love of science. While he is in your school, take the opportunity to ask him all those tricky science questions that your pupils have.

Working Science focuses on giving children hands on science experiences where they can experiment rather than watch a demonstration. We provide specialist equipment and materials to increase children's learning through hands-on experimenting.

Group Sizes Catered For

We provide 3 workshops per day, each for 30 - 40 pupils. Plus we can include a whole school assembly at the beginning of the day as well.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

Our workshops are very hands on so they are designed for the children to take part and try experimenting with the equipment and materials. In some workshops we have worksheets for children to record their results as they go along.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Yes - Schools can take photos as they wish.

Pricing Information

Costs are £350 per day plus travel costs up to a maximum of £85 .

First Aid Information

Yes, I am a qualified first aider


Yes - these are constantly updated on our website

Our students truly enjoyed [Sensory] Science workshops conducted by Dr Gareth. Students had a chance to do all the experiments themselves instead of just watching them being done. The selection of activities was very engaging, appropriate and very motivating for all our students working within P-levels 2-8. Dr Gareth has immediately built relationships with our students and was constantly adjusting the pace and selection of the activities to their needs. He had a wide range of resources and contingency plans in order to keep our students constantly engaged. It was an unforgettable day for our young people and staff! Date of Posting: 06 March 2015 Posted By: Assistant Head Moorcroft School, Hillingdon

Thank you! The children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed the [Great Scientists and their Discoveries] workshop. They found Gareth a very engaging and inspiring teacher. The most popular parts of the day were the balloon and magnet experiments. The children are so much more knowledgeable about scientists and their impact on the world and requested the teachers complete more 'exciting' experiments like this in our science lessons. Science has definitely been given a boost at our school thanks to the wonderful teaching, resources and engaging materials. Date of Posting: 30 January 2015 Home Farm Primary School, Colchester This is the best day of my life! Date of Posting: 30 January 2015 Posted By: Pupil Home Farm Primary School, Colchester Making our bath bombs was awesome! When I put it in the bath it exploded and the water went pink!

My hands were really messy! We got to take the bubble bath home and use it in our bath

Booking information

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