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The Electric Cinema is the oldest working cinema in the whole of the UK; first opening in 1909 we are soon to celebrate our 100th Birthday.

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What we offer

Over the years we have seen a number of name changes and the building has been used for various things as well as a cinema creating a most fascinating history spanning two world wars.

The Electric Cinema is a place of interest for all school ages, we are independently owned and our small and dedicated team can tailor your visit perfectly to suit your educational and entertainment needs; whether you are studying local history or film making or perhaps you are looking for an inexpensive end of term treat for your children lets see what movie magic we can conjure up.

Below is a list of suggested event ideas that we can accommodate here at The Electric. However this list is not exhaustive and if you?d like to utilise the venue in an alternative way do not hesitate to give the team a ring:

Talk Tour and Film - This half day activity is suitable for all ages and will last from 2 to 3 hours. As you arrive at the venue you will be escorted in to our main auditorium, where your guide will discuss the history of the cinema, which has stood in the heart of England's second city for almost a century. Small groups will then be given a behind the scenes tour of the cinema, including the 35mm projection room where the magic is created. To finish your visit you will be offered a film of your choice to watch- the latest Box Office Smash or a film voted for by your school.

Music for Film and TV - The Electric Cinema is home to one of the largest Sound Post Production facilities outside of London, with a fully equipped recording studio. Tom Lawes, owner and Managing Director of The Electric Cinema, is a well respected composer of music and sound for film and television. He has worked for the BBC, Channel 4, SEGA and on various feature films. Music and sound make a drastic difference to the way moving image is perceived. Tom will give your students an in-depth lesson on the process of producing original scores for film, TV and interactive gaming - showing examples of past work and Hollywood feature films. Suitable for students and lecturers over the age of 14 studying art related courses such as Music, Drama, Media Studies, Film Studies etc.

2 hours minimum - £15 per head, 12-40 students

How to direct Film and TV - What makes a scene tense? Why is it scary? Why does it make you laugh or cry? Why does Bridget Jones look? different to Eastenders when they?re both filmed in the same city? Tom Lawes, owner and Managing Director of the Electric Cinema, has over 15 years in the film and TV industry - Directing television, feature films and video games. He will give a Director's Masterclass providing an insight into the inner workings of film and TV drama. Suitable for students and lecturers over the age of 15 studying art related courses such as Music, Drama, Media Studies, Film studies etc.

2 hours minimum - £15ph, 12-40 students

Film Exhibition talk and screening - Why is The Electric different to other cinemas? How do cinemas pick the films? How much do they cost to put on? What's the difference between 35mm and HD? Everything you wanted to know about cinemas, along with a film of your choice and a tour of the projection room. Suitable for students and lecturers over the age of 14 studying art related courses such as Music, Drama, Media Studies, Film studies etc.

2-3 hours minimum - £10 per head, 15-40 students

If your study group doesn?t meet the minimum numbers please contact us and we will try to match your group up with another school or college.

We would love to hear from you and help make a visit to The Electric Cinema one your students will not forget. If you're a teacher or event organiser and would like to have a look round the venue in advance then please call or email to find out more.

Group Sizes Catered For

Maximum 80 children - minimum booking of 40 children and £5 per person

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