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East Midlands, Yorkshire, North West, North East

Outreach to Educational Groups Coeur De Xocolat 4 Briarwood Close, Outwood, West Yorkshire, WF1 3TZ

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PreSchool, 5 to 7 years, 8 to 10 years, 11 to 13 years, 14 to 16 years, College, University

We tailor chocolate making workshops that are visually stimulating & interactive making the workshop more interesting for school children. The workshop covers a variety of subjects: Geography, RE, Fairtrade, History, Maths, Science and Food & Technology.

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What are our Workshops like?

Many primary schools have chosen chocolate as part of their National Curriculum studies and children are learning about chocolate through the early years, usually 1-6.

As part of this study children will learn about the history of chocolate. Where chocolate originated from and the origin of the chocolate bean. The impact of fairtrade. Then the journey is shown on video and discussed from the bean to the chocolate bar using the items in the stimulus box.

This covers, subjects like Geography - (country where originated from) Also, the history of chocolate dating back to 400bc. Some aspects of Science are involved in the ingredients, food and nutrition and how the chocolate is made.
In the workshop, we discuss the literature content that has a chocolate theme, e.g. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which is now on the must-read book list.

Secondary School
In secondary school's students are studying chocolate in Science and Food Technology. So, why not run a chocolate event during their study period or end of year Enrichment Week.

Coeur de Xocolat run tailored chocolate making events, classes and lessons relevant to the age the children. If required, we are happy to reinforce your teaching by a short question and answer session on the topics of your choice too. The sessions are run within the school timetable and accommodate breaks and lunchtimes and are made visually informative.

Cocoa nibs
In the practical sessions, we can tailor to individual/group/age
1. Lollipop making
2. Truffle making
3. Writing and painting in chocolate
4. Bean to bar video
5. Is it fair role play (Fairtrade)
6. Video of the life of a cocoa farmer's child
7. Tasting different origin chocolates using all 5 Senses
8. Design, create, make and brand your schools own chocolate bar

What we offer

0113 314 1212 M 07595 623427

Award winning Coeur de Xocolat send a real chocolatier into school to run tailored chocolate making events relevant to the age of the children from 5-16-year old's. The workshops are visually stimulating and interactive making the workshop more interesting for the children. The workshop covers a variety of subjects, i.e. Geography, RE, Fairtrade, History, Maths, Science and Food and Technology. The workshop covers the history of chocolate, origins of chocolate, and chocolate production from bean to bar, how to taste chocolate where the money goes when we buy chocolate.

What makes us a great choice?

We support learning as we cover the history of the chocolate and also the practical side by making the chocolate.
We bring along a stimulus box containing
Cocoa pods
Cocoa beans
Cocoa butter
Cocoa nibs

Areas Visited

We cover the North of the U.K. i.e. Yorkshire, Humberside, Teesside, Lincolnshire, Merseyside, Nottinghamshire, Lancashire, Cheshire,

Group Sizes Catered For

Class sizes up to 34 but can repeat 3 times in a day and comfortable doing whole school assemblies

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

We can provide teacher packs. There is a question and answer session at the end of the workshop

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Yes, we have no restrictions at all

Pricing Information

The cost of the workshop is £250 for a half day £500 for a full day or £10 per child.

Clothing Requirements

Normal apron/disposable apron for the chocolate making process

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