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Our unique location next to a working landfill site in east Somerset is the perfect place to bring green issues to life for your class. We have safe access to a landfill site all year round, providing first hand experiences of waste management & recycling

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What we offer

Carymoor Environmental Education Centre's unique location next to a working landfill site in east Somerset is the perfect place to bring green issues to life for your class. We have safe access to the landfill site all year round, providing first hand experiences of waste management and recycling.

It is also the perfect backdrop for learning about more sustainable lifestyle choices and the importance of the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). As well as this our beautiful nature reserve (uniquely situated on top of capped landfilled land), replica shanty town, wild flower garden, Celtic roundhouse, forest school area and sustainable buildings provide the opportunity for a wide variety of cross-curricular, hands-on outdoor learning experiences. Our education work links to a variety of topics including materials, sustainability, global citizenship, renewable energy, habitats, Celtic life, bush-craft, natural crafts and more.

We cater for Early Years, Primary and Secondary aged groups as well as further and higher education groups. All activities can be tailored to suit your specific needs and learning objectives.

As well as providing inspirational day visits at Carymoor, our experienced team can also bring the wonder and excitement of Carymoor into your school, through a range of assemblies, cross-curricular workshops and project days, all tailored to your needs. Our fun outreach sessions link to themes such as the 3Rs, composting, sustainable living, energy saving and renewable energy, habitats and attracting wildlife to your school grounds. They are a great way to add ‘wow’ factor to a topic or eco week!

If your school is within 20 miles of Carymoor we can also run our action-packed afterschool club for you, combining fun activities linked to the Eco Schools topics (Biodiversity, School Grounds, Transport, Water, Energy, Waste, Litter, Global Perspective, and Healthy Living). The club runs for six 1 hour sessions per half term and can accommodate up to 20 children. Please contact us for further details and current charges.

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What makes us a great choice?

A unique and stimulating environment.

Real-life learning experiences

Well planned, safe activities.

Friendly, experienced leaders

Accreditation and Awards

We have the LOtC Quality Badge which reflects our innovative approach high standard of delivery and attention to practical considerations such as risk assessment.

What is typically included?

Visits to Carymoor:

We recommend that you spend at least 4 hours with us to make the most of your visit, but the longer you can stay the better! We can accommodate up to 3 classes at Carymoor per day, each lead by one of our experienced Education Officers. For larger groups we swap between activities during the day.

Wild Days Out (EYFS, KS1, KS2)

We use our extensive range of outdoor habitats and wildlife to give children a WILD time and help them gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the natural world. Our interactive activity sessions use a variety of approaches such as games, trails, crafts and guided exploration and link to themes like habitats, adaptation, food-chains, camouflage, senses, plant lifecycles, wildlife detectives and more! Find out more on our website here.
Environmental Action Days – KS1 and 2

A range of thought-provoking day visits covering a variety of topics:

A Day at the Dump: We investigate the fate of materials at a working landfill site, the issue of waste management and the benefits of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle). Take part in an eye-opening site tour to visit the active parts of the site such as the tipping face, weigh-bridge, large-scale composting facility, leachate treatment works and electricity generators powered by landfill gas, as well as exploring the capped landfill that is now managed as a haven for wildlife. Complete the day with an interactive activity from a variety of options linked to waste and the 3Rs, sustainable living, renewable energy, global citizenship or one of our Wild Day Out themes.

Crafty Celts: A stimulating day of hands on history for your class, enabling children to experience for themselves the techniques and materials used by Celtic craftspeople during the Iron Age, utilising our full-size replica roundhouse and a variety of natural materials harvested from our nature reserve.

Slumming it! Global Citizens Day (KS2): Your class become residents of Carymoor's unique shanty town for the day and find out what life is like surrounded by rubbish: How will they find shelter, source clean water and stay healthy in Kroo Bay, Sierra Leone? How will their day compare to a day at home in England? And can they complete our rubbish re-use challenge?
Survival Day (KS2): Could your class survive the wilds of Carymoor? An action-packed day of exciting bushcraft-inspired team challenges including shelter-building, fire-making and orienteering.

You can read more about our Environmental Action Days on our website.

Visits to Carymoor for Secondary Schools:

Landfill Tour:

Everybody should see this! is a quote we often hear from visitors when stood at the tipping face of the landfill site. Only when you see the sheer enormity of it with your own eyes can you fully comprehend the importance of being sustainable. Along the tour we stop to investigate:

Biotechnology - the use of micro-organisms to treat polluted water, created by the landfill waste, at the leachate treatment works

Energy from Waste – reducing air pollution and global warming by capturing methane gas to fuel a 3 MW electric power-generator which provides energy to the national grid

Recycling – the production of a recycled compost from garden waste on an industrial scale

Citizenship – a visit to the weighbridge helps to explain the amount of rubbish entering the site and who pays the price

Slumming it:

Carymoor's very own shanty town, a replica of Kroo Bay in Sierra Leone, is a unique experience for students to investigate how some communities survive in a world full of pollution. To walk in their shoes for a brief moment is enough to portray how humans negatively impact their local and global environment and how some people adapt and fight for a sustainable future. This also gives an opportunity to reflect on our own society and values; bringing about many questions: What are your basic needs? What challenges do you face? How does your life compare to children living in a slum?

Sustainable Buildings and Renewable Energy:

Our ethos of ‘learning for a sustainable life’ starts at the heart of Carymoor - our Eco-Centre. Built in 2000 using green-building methods the centre has developed to incorporate many different sustainable features. Your students will be able to explore the overall design of the building, the different types of building materials, the generation of renewable electricity and heat, the capture of rainwater for recycling, and the treatment of sewage waste. In addition to the main building we also have a strawbale building, a hempcrete shed, and a replica iron-age roundhouse to explore.

Practical Nature Conservation Days:

Our nature reserve is the perfect place for your students to get actively involved in practical conservation! From grassland management to building a bug hotel, weaving willow hurdles or daubing our roundhouse, there's always lots to do and lots to discover about site management and working as part of a team. We have a wide range of experience of working with young people from a variety of groups, enabling us to deliver a carefully planned day or series of days of practical outdoor tasks. We aim to provide a project that can be completed within your timeframe, enabling students to feel the satisfaction of a job well done! These days are especially suitable for: ASDAN/ NOCN Step Up students, PRU students, Students with EBD or SEN, Eco-committees and Activity weeks.

Find out more about our secondary education on our website.

Primary Outreach Workshops:

Our education team can visit your school to deliver exciting environmental education workshops. Each workshop takes between 1 and 2 hours and is suitable for a class of around 30 pupils. Your can create your own bespoke ‘pick and mix’ day by combining choices from any of our workshop and assembly options. A full day includes an assembly plus up to four workshops, while a half day is an assembly plus two workshops.

Assembly choices include: Talking Rubbish; Switch off; Compost; Worldly waste.

Workshop choices include:

For EYFS and KS1: Talking Rubbish; Wigglebert Worm and Friends.

For KS1: Elephants Never Forget; Energy Explorers.

For KS1 and KS2: Paper-making; Bin Busters; Leafy Lessons; Creature Feature; Wild

Days IN; Green Christmas Crafts.

For KS2: The Waste Free Lunch Game; Is Plastic Fantastic; Speak up!; Switch on to renewables; Compost Critters; Trash to treasure; Big foot; Lights, camera, green action.

For more details of the content of each workshop visit our website.

KS3/4 Outreach workshops:

Experience our exciting workshops and expertise without the cost of a coach! We can't quite bring a whole landfill site to your school but we can bring a wide range of hands-on activities that will get your students thinking about sustainability issues.

Most of our workshops take about an hour and are suitable for a class of 30 students. You can mix and match the sessions to create a whole or half day of activities: Workshops choices include Wake up to Waste; 2100- A Waste Odyssey; Switched on? ; Cut the Carbon Quiz. For more details of the content of each workshop visit our website.

Group Sizes Catered For

Carymoor's eco-centre can accommodate up to 3 classes per day (maximum of 80 children).
Our outreach team can deliver up to 4 class-workshops plus an assembly per day at your school.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

We have a range of pre- and post- visit resources that are available for schools including a general pre-visit information pack lesson plans with links to suggested follow-up activities a KS2 food waste education pack and a range of work sheets.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions


Risk Assessment Details

We can provide risk assessments if required and teachers can arrange to meet with an education officer prior to their visit to familiarise themselves with the site and do their own risk assessing.

Education Officer Information

Beth Coleman Education Manager


01963 351350

Pricing Information

Site visits are charged on the basis of group size:

Prices for 2014-15

Education in Your School

Half day (Assembly plus up to 2 workshops) - £150

Full day (Assembly plus up to 4 workshops) - £200

Education at Carymoor

1-15 children - £110

16-35 children - £220

36-45 children - £330

46-60 children - £440

61-80 children - £550

A 10% reduction on site visits will be offered for groups who book 3 months or more in advance.

There are no charges for accompanying adults.

Clothing Requirements

If visiting Carymoor please ensure that all members of your group have appropriate clothing for the activities and weather conditions. Footwear must be robust and enclosed i.e. no open toes or thin soles (wellies are ideal). Warm waterproof clothing is essential as are sun hats and sun cream during summer months. It is also advisable to bring clean footwear to change into for your return coach journey.

First Aid Information

We will ensure that a trained First Aider is available to assist your group where necessary. We also ask visiting schools to ensure that they have a nominated first aider with each class.

Available Facilities

Indoor base for lunchtime and stashing belongings whilst out on-site

Toilets and hand-washing facilities

Easy-access toilet

Baby-changing facility

Drinks for staff and pupils

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

Our eco-centre building has a disabled access entrance and an easy-access toilet. The site terrain is variable so please contact us to discuss accessibility for disabled children as this may depend upon your chosen activity.

Opening Hours & Information

Carymoor is open from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Due to the nature of our site visits are by appointment only.


‘I have been teaching for 20+ years and this was the best educational trip I have ever taken children on because it was educational fun and inspirational! Thank you very much!’ - Lovington Primary School Somerset

‘The day was fun and educational and so well organised that the adults could enjoy themselves too!’ - South Petherton Infants School Somerset

‘One of the best trips I have ever been on with a class. Very well done!’ - Springmead School Somerset

‘Children's learning and practical needs were really well met and the organisation of activities was seamless so children were occupied constantly and involved everyone (all abilities and emotional needs). Staff were made to feel very welcome - those thoughtful touches like the refreshments were greatly appreciated.’ - Shaftesbury Primary School Dorset

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