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1st & 2nd Floor 119 St Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1DY

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14 to 16 years, College, University

What are Escape Rooms? They are a real-life escape game which requires up to 5 players to work together to find hidden clues & solve puzzles to escape a themed room before the 1 hour timer runs out. There are a lot of objects, codes & hints to find... 

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What we offer

So. What are Escape Rooms? They are a real-life escape game which requires up to 5 players to work together to find hidden clues and solve puzzles to escape a themed room before the 1 hour timer runs out. There are a lot of objects, codes and hints to find - You have to think quick, think smart and work as a team if you want to make it out in time.

We specialising in a really fun way of team building. Escape Games are a very popular real life version of an online point and click? exit game where you are stuck in a scenario and have to work together to work out how to make it out in time.

The venue itself is easy to find, with decent facilities and secure storage for valuables, not to mention the atmospheric music to keep the excitement building!

The pre-game briefing was comprehensive and helpful, delivered by confident and friendly staff, and when we went into the rooms, we knew we were going to have a great time. The variety of puzzles and themes available mean that a visit could be tailored to the specific topics (Ancient Egypt, 1800s etc), and once inside, the d?cor and theming is overwhelming - you really feel like you're in a tomb, or bank vault etc.

There are plenty of different styles of puzzle, from code-breaking to more physical tile rearranging tasks, meaning that students with all sorts of skill sets can thrive and contribute to the overall escape effort, and there are plenty of chances for team building discussions to develop, as often the solution or method isn't immediately obvious.

Teams of all abilities are catered for, thanks to the watchful eye the Escape Rooms staff keep over the games, providing hints if necessary. This ensures that no team is completely left behind, and all can experience the thrill of the last minute escape (or 5 minutes late, in our case!)

Overall, the Escape Rooms provide a myriad benefits for students, from opportunities to bond and teambuild, to problem solving outside the classroom environment, but most of all, it's a unique and fun treat that the students will most likely spend the whole bus ride home discussing (ours did)

What makes us a great choice?

We have lots of school visits as it's an extremely immersive environment which allows the players to shine as a natural leader or problem solver.

Group Sizes Catered For

Each of our 3 games holds 2-6 players so 18 players in total per hour slot. For info on how we cater for larger parties call or email us directly.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

Nothing is provided as all instructions are given during the brief at the beginning.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Photos and videos are welcome in the reception and in our bonus room, but strictly not allowed in the escape game rooms. Lockers are provided.

Risk Assessment Details

Our risk assessments and all relevant certificates are available on request.

Pricing Information

Prices start from £17 pp if the room is fully occupied with 5 players. We can offer a discount of 10%, making this £15.30 pp. Supervising adults can go free, yes. But we?d recommend the adults be involved as some aspects of the puzzles may be difficult, depending on the younger persons. If any players that are in a game and are more that supervising, would be charged as a player.

Clothing Requirements

Sensible footwear is required.

First Aid Information

All our staff are First Aiders.

Available Facilities

In our reception we have cold drinks available and are also located on top of a Costa Coffee. We also provide a goldfish bowl full of complimentary sweets.

We are in the city center and are surrounded by shops so you would be spoiled for choice if you needed anything else.

Such as; shop, canteen, dining areas, how much pocket money do children need to bring for the shop and canteen. Are there facilities to eat a packed lunch?

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

Unfortunately we have no disabled access. We are located on the 1st and 2nd floor with no lift access.

Opening Hours & Information

9am - 10.30pm every day.

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