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Clip n Climb Unit 34 Clifton Road Industrial Estate, Cambridge, , CB1 7EB

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We can support your term time activities in a number of ways such as PE, covering curriculum subjects related to the use of climbing as a learning tool or just a fun filled group exercise to create confidence in your team working abilities.

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What we offer

Sessions at Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge produce a host of valuable learning and development outcomes for your students including:

  • Confidence building
  • Experience of facing fears and overcoming challenges
  • Problem solving
  • Team work

This is done is a fun and engaging way, giving children the chance to experience an alternative sport that improves flexibility, balance and core strength.

What makes us a great choice?

Clip ‘n Climb can support your term time activities in a number of ways:

  • Your physical education curriculum
  • Other subjects on the curriculum using climbing as a learning tool
  • An after-school club activity
  • A school trip location
  • Start of year confidence building sessions
  • Practice sessions for any adventure training trips

Accreditation and Awards

Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge has been awarded the LOtC Quality Badge. This is the nationally recognised indicator of good quality educational provision. In order to be awarded this badge, we have had our risk assessment processes and management of risk assessed and deemed to be of a high quality.

Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge has also been awarded the Adventuremark Badge. We have been judged as having met the necessary standards for the safe delivery of adventure activities as defined by the awarding body, the Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee (AAIAC). This covers the provision to all ages groups for activities associated with artificial wall climbing.

What is typically included?

Your group can join a public session or you can hire Clip ‘n Climb exclusively for your session, allowing you to bring up to 30 climbers and unlimited use of the Extreme Challenges.

 We have a set of different sessions that we offer to schools:

Explore Session

This is where the children have free range of the arena to ‘Explore’ and find their comfort levels on the walls. Our instructors are on hand to provide assistance and encouragement throughout. This is an ideal session for the first time a school group has visited Clip ‘n Climb. The main learning outcomes are developing confidence and provide the opportunity for children to face any fear of heights and challenges.

Team Building Session

This is where we get the group into teams and give them challenges to complete. As well as the learning outcomes achieved from our Explore sessions, Team sessions also help with problem solving and the ability to work in teams.

Examples of this include:

Wall Golf: Each touch of the wall is counted as a stroke as the climber ascends the wall,

Points Challenge: Each wall has multiple ways to complete it, with increasing points awarded according to difficulty. Climbers add their points to for each wall to their team score

Challenge Session

Two of our walls are particularly suited to competitive scoring:

Triffid – Our hardest wall. We keep a Roll of Honour for each climber who makes it to the top

Speed Wall – The speed of ascend is timing on a clock built into the wall. Times are recorded for each climber.

We keep a record for each group and this can be used to compare other groups from the same school. This is mostly aimed Key Stage 3.

While there is a competition element to both challenges, one of the very positive things about climbing is that it is very much about challenging yourself. We find that walls such as the Triffid and Speed Wall are more about climbers challenging themselves either to reach the top in the case of Triffid, or complete the wall in the fastest time, Speed Wall.

Rock Stars

For schools that will bringing in the same group on a regular basis, we offer our Rock Star programme which is based on the one we run for our successful after school club.

This involves structured sessions with varied activities, with time split between working towards the Rock Stars Awards and a variety of games and challenges.

The Rock Stars Awards are a set of standards that climbers work towards, which progress in difficulty. They involve a mixture of completing walls, completing the walls in set ways and confirm understanding of safety issues. Children can work towards Bronze, Silver, Gold, Training Ninja, Ninja and Training silent Ninja. Certificates are issued for each award and progress is kept in a log book.

Group Sizes Catered For

We can accommodate up to 33 climbers at any one time.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided

We can offer teachers packs and log books depending on which of the four learning pathways (listed above) is being followed.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

There are no restrictions for filming and photography – however flash photography is strictly prohibited.

Risk Assessment Details

Risk assessment and PLI documentation is available in advance.

Education Officer Information

Our education contact is Mr Chris Walthew, Director – 01223 000082

Pricing Information

£299 for a private session of up to 33 climbers; or £12.50 per person if joining a public session. Supervising adults can attend free of charge, but will not be able to climb.

Clothing Requirements

Sensible loose-fitting clothing, trainers, and no jewelry please.

First Aid Information

Our centre is staffed with many first-aiders.

Available Facilities

Café; free Wi-Fi; toilets (including a disabled WC); seating and dining areas, on-site parking (limited); air-conditioning

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

Step-free access to the café and climbing areas. Unfortunately, all climbers need to be physically able to climb up a wall independently in order to participate.

Opening Hours & Information

M-F 14:00 – 19:00  Sat – 09:00 – 19:00  Sun 09:00 – 18:00

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