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We offer our cinemas out for school or group bookings to show current releases, a requested film or space to use as a presentation area. We can source most films whether the visit is a treat or for educational purposes we cater for SEN schools.

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What we offer

At the Reel Cinemas, we offer our cinema out for school or group bookings to show current releases, a requested film or even just the space to use as a presentation area. We can source most films whether your visit is a treat or for educational purposes. We use to support National Schools Film week which has now stopped, and can also cater for SEN schools.

We will always try to accommodate your booking wherever possible however we do plan our film schedules up to 1 week in advance. To ensure you can visit at your chosen time, please contact us with at least 4 days? notice. Where this is not possible, we will always endeavour come to a suitable arrangement.

What makes us a great choice?

Reel Cinemas are the largest independent cinema operator in the UK showcasing a great selection of mainstream film, live events and alternative content.

Reel Borehamwood has 4 Screen varies in size.

You and your students can watch some great movies as a treat / reward / motivational reasons or for educational purposes with films relevant to your curriculum.

Upon request, we can give guided tours and also Q and A sessions with individuals working in the cinema environment to give an insight in to the industry. We can also arrange treats from our retailcounters at discounted prices.

For private hires, we can show new films, old films or also content that you have created or provided (including DVDs and Blu-Ray). Why not showcase any product produced by your students in our cinema environment for added excitement? Invite their friends and family too!

We can also cater for introductions / award ceremonies with presentation equipment such as lecterns / mics etc. If you wish to present something on our screens to your pupils, this can also be arranged.

Reel Cinemas is the first independent chain who has All of our screens fully equipped with category -leading Barco digital projector, charismatic Dolby 3D screens, as well as Arqiva satellites offering the pinnacle of screen technology to present our product in the highest possible quality.

What is typically included?

A typical school visit to Reel Cinemas will include the viewing of your chosen film and will last for the duration of this. For ideas on how to expand your visit, please see above.

Group Sizes Catered For

We can cater for almost any size starting from 50 up to 400. If you require even more space we would be delighted to spread your screenings over multiple screens.

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions

Children can take photos / videos during their visit, however this excludes photos / videos of other school children. Any photos, videos or audio is not permitted in the cinema screen during film screenings due to copyright restrictions.

Risk Assessment Details

Teachers are welcome to call in to the cinema during opening hours to carry out a Risk Assessment.

We may not be able to accompany whilst you carry this out but will assist in any way that we can.

Pricing Information

Cinemas offer a very competitive discount price for school bookings, this is dependent upon the film you choose to watch and the time / day. We also offer kids club screenings at pocket money prices and a fantastic family ticket which allows both adults and children to visit at kids prices. This can be discussed upon enquiry.

First Aid Information

We always have a qualified first aider on duty at all times.

Available Facilities

Reel Cinemas have an onsite bar and also a retail area where popcorn and drink combos can be purchased at a special school booking price. If you wish to pre-order these before your visit to save time please do so at the time of booking. Our future plans include more upgrades, gaming and Wi-Fi. Please check and confirm with cinema at the time of booking for Bar facility to be available.

Accessibility & Disabled Facilities


Opening Hours & Information

The cinema is open every day of the year except for Christmas day. The opening times vary and are generally 10 minutes before our first film starts. However, we can still accept school bookings before our regular opening times as we would be happy to accommodate you before we open to the general public.

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