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Our Samba drumming Workshops, Junk Percussion and Carnival projects have been very successful for over 24 years! So that’s literally thousands of children we have taught.

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What we offer

Brazilian Samba: 
Samba is one of the most accessible musical art forms available to all ages and is fun and easy to understand, a great gateway to music for beginners.

Using a variety of Afro-Brazilian instruments a session can consist of short demonstration of the following: Surdo (large bass drum), Caixa (snare), Tamborim (small tambourine), Ago-go bell (double headed cowbell) and various other Samba instruments used in the Rio Carnival. A brief talk about the history and culture of the Rio carnival also accompanies the demonstration.

Junk percussion:
Is an amazing journey with inanimate objects constructing new boundaries in music making. 
Drainpipes: with u-bends make for an interesting resonance played with foam bats
Car Wheels: a wheely good metal sound thrashed out on old car wheels, minus the rubber!
Metal bins: the funky bin, with broom handles and energy, it’s not a rubbish sound but a clatter of metal providing the driving hum for the whole group.

The workshops can run with 2-5 classes and approximately 30 children in each. 
We can offer assemblies to the whole school and performances by the children to pupils or parents.

Carnival Residencies:
3-5 day extravaganza using any or all elements of drumming, dance and costume making.

What makes us a great choice?

With over 24 years of teaching experience to thousands of children we have a great understanding of experiential learning.

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Full day £400 half day £250 plus travel


Victoria Park Primary Bristol

What an amazing week we had. I have received so many positive comments from staff, parents, children and members of the community about the week and the performance on Friday.

THANK YOU for making it such a special week, for being so flexible and accommodating and for being an all round super star.
Jack Lacy Headteacher

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