Textiles in school (Design Technology Technicians) covers aspects of food, DT and textiles mainly taught at G.C.S.E level pupils learn all about the skills required and the insight in the fashion industry looking into cultural history and processes involved in fashion, textiles and tailoring. What’s so important is for pupils to experience this first hand and not just in a text book so get planning your textile school trip, we have some great options listed on our site who can offer hands on tours, workshops and events for your textile school trip.

The Fashion Museum and Assembly Rooms are a great place to visit to find out about Georgian Bath and to discover how we have dressed for 400 years!
Enjoy a thrilling educational or end of term treat day out at one of the UK's favourite theme parks, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has its own dedicated Education Academy.
Chatsworth offers artistic and engaging school trips, where students can explore their beautiful outdoor surroundings and develop their technical and creative skills.
Inspiring and exciting educational trips designed to bring subjects to life, extend students’ learning and develop their appreciation of local and international cultures outside the classroom. There is simply nothing like an SJA Trip! 
Fashion Enter conducts you through every step of your garment process to help create a brand that is ethical, sustainable and competitively made in the United Kingdom. New! Why not book a Virtual Tour At Fashion Enter.
We provide a mixture of workshops on the textile industry, with working machinery in action to give a flavour of sights, smells & sounds of a working woollen mill. We give an overview of the whole process of the industry, from sheep to finished fabrics.
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