Exhibitions School Trips are a great educational enrichment learning experience for schools or educational groups and offer interactive programmes designed to specifically aid in a classroom topic or key stage program of study.

exhibitions provide an interactive and visual experience through presentations and workshops lead by industry professionals, these could include Q&As, verbal lectures and  hands on artifacts about that given topic or subject.  This helps develop critical thinking skillsets which encourages students to ask questions, analyse data, and form their own opinions and discuss the subject with their classmates and teachers to form conclusions.

Creativity and imagination from that exhibition topic or subject can inspire students to think outside the box. Seeing works of art or innovative products can spark new ideas and encourage students to express themselves in a new way.  Social interaction and teamwork with classmates can be improved and is a great way for students to bond and learn from each other. Working together to complete a task or answer questions about the situation can help students develop their teamworking skillsets.

Please see some fantastic exhibition options listed below:

The Van Gogh Immersive Experience London is a 360º digital art exhibition in London that invites your students to step into the universe of van Gogh on a school day trip. This immersive experience will take you on a ride through art and technology.
Bubble Planet is London's newest multi-sensory world where your school group can step into a world beyond your imagination with VR technology, themed rooms. This place is provides an immersive experience for students on a school day trip.
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