Personal Development Workshops

Personal Development Workshops take students on an individual journey, providing educational classes with the skills and knowledge required for self-improvement. School groups will come away from a Personal Development Workshop with a deeper understanding of their own individual educational path, showing pupils how to academically progress with learning approaches that are specific to each student.

Here at UK School Trips, we believe that Personal Development is a vital part of the National Curriculum that is critical to students’ academic progression. For this reason, we have numerous Personal Development Workshop providers listed on our website. One of these Workshop providers is Diversify, who delivers excellent Workshops specialising in social inclusion. Diversify helps educational groups of all ages tackle sensitive topics, such as LGBTQ+ and racial discrimination. On a Diversify Workshop, students will be encouraged to take part in educational activities that promote co-operation as well as personal development. TimeQuest is another Personal Development Workshop provider, who delivers mobile escape room experiences. TimeQuest provides school groups with unique challenges that are not only linked to the National Curriculum, but are also designed to engage pupils’ thought processes, develop teambuilding skills, and enhance personal development. And for Workshops focussed on personal health and wellbeing, there is A-Life – a workshop provider who uses multi-sensory activities to teach students about their bodies.

If a Personal Development Workshop sounds like something you could be interested in, take a look at the Workshop providers listed below for further information. 

The National Holocaust Centre and Museum provide an outreach service Nationwide bringing expertise and creativity to provide access to museum collections and testimony of Holocaust survivors. Programmes are fully accessible and SEN inclusive to students.
Circus Sensible provide Circus skills workshops, circus based entertainment and other workshops (Drum and dance in particular) to primary schools all over the UK.
Designed for children aged 4-14, KidZania blends learning and reality with entertainment. During a four-hour experience, children can independently choose from a number of real-life activities and test their skills in a variety of professions.
Challenge Academy has just launched its Mobile Outreach Programme! This means that the outdoor adventure can be brought to your very own school, where a range of adventurous activities will be delivered.
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