Team Building Workshops

Team Building Workshops are the perfect learning experience for classes looking to build upon skills such as co-operation, communication, and leadership. These are Workshops that not only provide school groups with fun educational activities, but also encourage and inspire students to work effectively as a team – teaching pupils a valuable life skill that they will utilise throughout their academic and professional career. 

Despite many Workshops being specifically focussed on one topic of the National Curriculum, many Workshop Providers will tailor their learning experience to include Team Building activities. For this reason, there is a wide variety of Team Building Workshops listed on UK School Trips. One such Workshop provider is Dance Days, who delivers exciting Dance Workshops to schools across the country. When taking part in a Dance Days Workshop, students will have the opportunity to try over 30 different dance styles, many of which include students having to work together and support each other. Acorn Forest provides educational groups with adventurous, outdoor Workshops that can be specifically tailored to include outdoor team building tasks. And if you’re looking for a Remote Learning Team Building Workshop, Celtic Harmony has got you covered. Celtic Harmony is now delivering Online Interactive Workshops that bring Prehistory topics to life while also including co-operative tasks for students to complete together. 

Find more information about Team Building Workshops from the Workshop providers we have listed below:

Iron Age Settlements, Roman Forts, Medieval Abbeys, Tudor Castles, Victorian Mansions and Gardens, and even World War Fortresses - you name it, our exceptional, out-of-the-classroom sites offer unlimited cross-curricular learning opportunities.
Kenilworth Castle & Elizabethan Gardens provides school trips & educational visits with great tours, exhibitions & interactive workshops, explore the Tudor gardens, medieval kitchens, great hall & Caslte or walk around the almost complete outer walls. 
English Heritage should be applauded for their development of the Discovery Visit, which interprets the story of a site, giving a sense of time and place to visiting schools.
Acorn Forest provides specifically tailored School Workshops, where your class will have the chance to explore the outdoors with various adventurous activities.
Our hands-on workshops are engaging & fun as well as being packed full of curriculum. Celebrating our 17th year, we have brought the curriculum to life for over 1 million children, teaching them about their bodies through our multi-sensory activities.
We aim to promote a greater understanding & enjoyment of the historic environment. We offer learning groups FREE ENTRY to 400 + venues, along with free planning visits, property information, useful online resources, and educational facilities.
Our workshops are designed to make science fun and exciting for children and help contribute to their understanding of how nature and the world around them works. Each lesson introduces children to a new scientific concept or idea in a simplified way.
TimeQuest provides mobile workshop escape room experiences in your school or classroom, creating unique challenges to engage your pupils’ thought processes, to enhance personal development and teambuilding skills interlinked to the curriculum.
Shepton Mallet Prison offers educational tours, where students can further their understanding of crime and punishment throughout history. In order to engage the students, these tours are very interactive and include fully immersive prisoner experiences.
Legoland Discovery Centre provides students with the opportunity to use Lego as an educational tool. There are various activities that will test a number of different skills, such as building workshops and exploring architecture through the use of Lego.
Circus Sensible provide Circus skills workshops, circus based entertainment and other workshops (Drum and dance in particular) to primary schools all over the UK.
English Heritage should be applauded for their development of the Discovery Visit, which interprets the story of a site, giving a sense of time and place to visiting schools.
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