Tudor Workshops

Tudor Workshops are a fantastic way to engage educational groups in the historical Tudor period. Tudor Workshops take school groups on an adventure to the past, where students will have the opportunity to discover a deeply fascinating era. The English Reformation, the Government of Henry VIII, and Sir Francis Drake’s first voyage to the West Indies – these are just some of the historical events that occurred during the Tudor period. 

There is a wide selection of Tudor Workshops available for any classes currently studying this historical era. One such workshop provider is Tudor World, which is located in Stratford upon Avon – a town that is famous for its connections with the Tudor author William Shakespeare. A workshop from Tudor World will provide school groups with a historically accurate depiction of Tudor life. From plague to punishment, everything is included! The Shakespeare Family Homes is another Tudor Workshop operator which provides students with a variety of informative and inspiring workshops that are focused on the life of William Shakespeare. Whether your KS1 class have just begun their Tudor journey, or your GCSE students want a more in-depth examination of the Tudor period, there is a Tudor Workshop for every pupil. 

So, if you’d like to advance your classes historical learning with a Tudor Workshop, take a look at the workshop operators we have listed below.

Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre provides educational groups with historically focused school workshops that can be concentrated on either the Tudor or Roman period.
Cogges Manor Farm in Witney, Oxfordshire provides 1000 years of History perfect for educational historical learning. The site appears in the Domesday Book of 1086 with a listed manor house dating back to the 13th Century, 17th/18th Century farm buildings.
Kenilworth Castle & Elizabethan Gardens provides school trips & educational visits with great tours, exhibitions & interactive workshops, explore the Tudor gardens, medieval kitchens, great hall & Caslte or walk around the almost complete outer walls. 
Bristol Museums offer a wide range of school trips, where subjects such as history, literature, science and art are brought to life! Students will have the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination in a unique learning environment.
Every year, more than 6000 school children visit Selly Manor. Most of them visit to study the Tudors, but some visit to look at the old houses, furniture, and other aspects of history.
The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is an independent, educational charity dedicated to deepening the understanding of Shakespeare’s works & times. We offer a range of informative & inspiring tours to bring Shakespeare to life for all key stages.
Tudor World is an award winning museum situated right in the heart of the historic town, Stratford upon Avon. Within a Grade 2* listed historic building, the museum depicts the different aspects of Tudor life: from plague to punishment.
A visit to Shakespeare’s Schoolroom & Guildhall provides school groups with fun, informal and authentic experiences that bring history to life.
An impressive frontier fortress with 900 years of history – excellent for Medieval, Tudor and Civil War topics. Carlisle Castle provides students with a sense of how the site has changed over time and what life was like for the people who lived here.
Southchurch Hall museum is housed in the half-timbered medieval manor house, which dates to the early 14th century.
All trips are designed to fit in with the national history KS1 and 2 curriculum. It highlights Bristol's local history, John Cabot and the discovery of Newfoundland, the famous Bristol pirate Blackbeard, and life on board a Tudor ship.
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