Medieval School Tours

Medieval School Tours and Trips provide a fantastic Middle Ages historical time line, and can be interlinked to your history subject of your school curriculum. Medieval educational tours will transport your students back to this intriguing era. The engaging nature of these interactive tours will captivate students’ interest, encouraging them to fully immerse themselves into Medieval History.

There are numerous historical interactive learning tours and trips listed on UK School Trips. At The Jorvik Group’s Barley Hall, students can explore a real Medieval townhouse, providing school groups with amazing educational tours that concentrate on the Middle Ages. Kenilworth Castle also has a Medieval focus, offering educational groups a chance to discover a Medieval kitchen. And English Heritage also has numerous medieval interactive tours and workshops scattered about the country. Or Southchurch Hall Museum Essex provides tours about a Medieval townhouse and its period rooms, or what about Shakespeare’s Medieval Tudor Schoolroom & Guildhall in Warwickshire.

Whether your Key Stage 1 class is just beginning their Medieval adventure, or your A-Level students are looking to explore a specific area of the Middle Ages, Medieval School Trips and Tours can be tailored to fit your educational group’s specific requirements. These workshops and tours take a fun exciting learning approach, making them an excellent way to engage pupils and motivate them to carry out further independent study.

Sounds like something you and your educational group would be interested in? If so, take a look at the fabulous options listed below:

English Heritage should be applauded for their development of the Discovery Visit, which interprets the story of a site, giving a sense of time and place to visiting schools.
At The Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre, school groups can explore the historic site of the Battle of Bosworth - an event beyond living memory which is of national and global significance.
The Golden Hinde 1
At The Golden Hinde, the use of costumed educators and reenactments makes history come to life. This historical school trip allows students to experience what life was really like on an Elizabethan Galleon.
With four special in-door excavation pits, all based on real-life digs in the city and filled with replica Roman, Viking, Medieval, and Victorian finds, children can grab a trowel and explore how people lived in the past.
We aim to promote a greater understanding & enjoyment of the historic environment. We offer learning groups FREE ENTRY to 400 + venues, along with free planning visits, property information, useful online resources, and educational facilities.
All trips are designed to fit in with the national history KS1 and 2 curriculum. It highlights Bristol's local history, John Cabot and the discovery of Newfoundland, the famous Bristol pirate Blackbeard, and life on board a Tudor ship.
Built on the original site of Clink Prison, dating back to 1144 one of England’s oldest Prisons. You experience hands on original artefacts, including torture devices & the opportunity to view & hear the stories of the inmates & the notorious Southbank.
The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is an independent, educational charity dedicated to deepening the understanding of Shakespeare’s works & times. We offer a range of informative & inspiring tours to bring Shakespeare to life for all key stages.
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