World War Tours

If your class is currently studying a historic war of the past, then we’ve got the perfect school tour for you! Here at UK School Trips, we have a wide variety of World War Tours listed on our website. There are numerous venues for you choose from. Whether your class is studying Medieval battles or World War Two, there’s something for everyone. All ages and abilities can be catered for, ensuring that everyone can be included.

World War Tours provide educational groups with a fantastic opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. From historically engaging exhibitions to real life artefacts, World War School Tours offer students historically immersive learning experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. School groups will not only come away having furthered their historical understanding but will also leave motivated to learn more. This stimulates future learning in the classroom and encourages pupils to take a positive attitude towards their education. World War Tours bring history to life, providing educational groups with a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

So, do World War Tours sound like something your class would be interested in? If so, book yours today and take your school group on a stimulating tour that is both educational and fun. 

The Holocaust Exhibition & Learning Centre is a museum which preserve the memories, records and legacies of Holocaust survivors living in Yorkshire. Here, students can discover the story of the Holocaust in a unique and engaging way.
The IWM London provides students with an historical experience that cannot be found anywhere else. From exploring the causes of war to understanding the impact conflict has had on individual lives, this museum will offer students a unique insight.
If you're searching for an immersive School Trip experience, look no further. IWM North has a variety of historically engaging exhibitions, which will further your students' knowledge & understanding of past conflicts, from First World War to the present.
An impressive frontier fortress with 900 years of history – excellent for Medieval, Tudor and Civil War topics. Carlisle Castle provides students with a sense of how the site has changed over time and what life was like for the people who lived here.
The National Museum of Computing is home to the world’s largest collection of working historic computers. From WW2 codebreaking machines to the world's oldest working electronic computer, it is the perfect place to engage students in STEM topics.
Here at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, students can climb aboard historic aircrafts as well as visit the very rooms where Duxford’s Battle of Britain took place. This really is a historical School Trip like no other.
London Study Tours provides multi-guided tours within London, the South East and the South West. These tours are carried out by friendly, professional guides and can be be specifically tailored to fit the educational requirements of your school group.
Join us for a day of fun, discovery and excitement at the Yorkshire Air Museum where our guides will bring to life over 150 years of aviation history and a rich wartime past.
The National Holocaust Centre and Museum is so much more than a museum. It's a vibrant memorial, a place of testimony and a Centre of learning for communities of all faiths, and none, across the UK.
We aim to promote a greater understanding & enjoyment of the historic environment. We offer learning groups FREE ENTRY to 400 + venues, along with free planning visits, property information, useful online resources, and educational facilities.
Kenilworth Castle & Elizabethan Gardens provides school trips & educational visits with great tours, exhibitions & interactive workshops, explore the Tudor gardens, medieval kitchens, great hall & Caslte or walk around the almost complete outer walls. 
The Children at War experience offers a unique hands-on insight into life in wartime Britain. We encourage each group to get into role and if they come dressed as an evacuee it can really add a whole new dimension to the experience.
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