Wow Days

Wow Days are educational experiences that celebrate learning. They can be applied to all areas of the curriculum and provide students with a range of activities to fully immerse them in their education.

Whether you want to study World War Two or explore sustainability in the natural environment, Wow Days can be applied to all subjects. There are numerous engaging activities involved, ensuring that all students are academically stimulated. And they are also a great way to ensure that every student is included. Regardless of ability and age, the activities ensure that every class member is involved. 

But Wow Days do not only enable students to develop their academic skills, they also allow pupils to have fun and try new experiences. By spending a whole school day focused on only one topic, students have the opportunity to really immerse themselves. They can ask questions they may not usually have time for in regular classes and can explore subjects in a much greater depth. And this detailed learning motivates students to further their learning. Wow Days bring excitement and fun to the classroom, encouraging pupils to learn more about whatever topic you decide to focus on. 

So, if Wow Days sound like something you’re interested in, book yours today!

Folly Farm provides educational groups with both day trip and residential learning experiences, where students will have the opportunity to explore the natural world, learn new skills, and challenge themselves.
Tower Bridge is a world-famous landmark that provides educational groups with unforgettable school trip experiences. From exploring the high-level walkways to uncovering the history of the Bridge, there is something to captivate every student!
Whether you're looking for inspiration for your literacy topic, an opportunity for young historians to test their enquiry skills, or for a school trip experience that brings STEM topics to life, Tower Bridge's learning programme has got you covered.
Dan Tastic Education provides a fabulous service for primary school students in which they can be inspired through the use of Workshops and Wow Days. Whether you want to study pirates or princesses, Dan has the workshop for you!
Folly Farm is an award-winning wildlife and environmental education centre, set in a 250-acre nature reserve in Somerset – just 10 miles from Bath and Bristol.
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