Virtual Reality Workshops

Virtual Reality Workshops are the perfect way to bring excitement and inspiration into the classroom!

Virtual Reality uses state of the art technology to bring all aspects of the curriculum to life. And the possibilities truly are endless. Whether you want to be transported into the human body, or would prefer to explore outer space, your students really can experience anything and everything. And these infinite possibilities mean that every class can have their own tailored school trip, creating a personal and highly focused experience. This can be hugely beneficial to individual learning.

One of the great things about these workshops is that they can be carried out nationwide. Schools all over the country have the chance to try out this fabulous piece of technology and learn in a completely new way! Virtual Reality Workshops are also beneficial to all, regardless of age or ability. Whether your class is in Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 4, this workshop will be inspiring to all pupils.

This type of technology is the future of education, so why not give it a go now? After taking part in one of these workshops, students will come away with a new reinvigorated love for education that will only inspire their further education. Book yours now!

Immersive VR School Workshop Experiences is the UK's multi-award-winning learning and interactive outreach provider, perfect for primary to secondary educational school groups. Creating VR workshops tailor made for your classes needs.
PrimeVR is the UK's leading VR workshop provider and it's no wonder why! PrimeVR uses state-of-the-art technology to bring the outside world into the classroom, creating a learning experience like no other.
Designed for children aged 4-14, KidZania blends learning and reality with entertainment. During a four-hour experience, children can independently choose from a number of real-life activities and test their skills in a variety of professions.
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