Sensory Tours

Sensory Tours can be the perfect School Trip experience for blind or low-vision participants, in which everyone can enjoy a meaningful experience. Sensory Tours essentially involve interactive, multi-sensory and engaging experiences.

What’s so great about Sensory Tours is that they can take place virtually anywhere! From theatres to museums, whatever venue you had in mind can be used for a Sensory Tour School Trip.

Sensory Tours are particularly unique in the sense that they give classes the opportunity to explore their senses, using touch and smell to experience something in way that they may never have experienced before. There are so many possibilities within these Tours, from using audio descriptions to simply relying on your sense of touch. This ensures that everyone will be catered for, regardless of ability.

Sensory Tours are also beneficial in terms of improving confidence and developing social skills. From navigating where to sit in an auditorium to practicing interactions with the Box Office, Sensory Tours allows students to learn in new and unique situations. This will not only have short term impacts but will also be hugely valuable for the future educational career of your students.

So, if Sensory Tours sound like something you may be interested in, come and view the wonderful variety of venues we offer which specialize in this field.

Dialogue in the Dark provides students with a fun, challenging and inspiring experience which will encourage them to awaken their senses with the use of specific activities to orient pupils into a world without pictures.
Fairytale Farm provides young students with a learning wonderland, where they can enjoy magical fairytales, friendly animals and adventure play. Our interactive activities offer fun and also educational experiences.
British Music Experience in Liverpool, students can immerse themselves into a museum of musical history and knowledge. On this musical school trip, students can discover legendary music memorabilia and get their hands on top quality musical instruments.
As the books were still being released while the films were being made, the production crew saved many of the iconic sets, props & costumes that were created especially for the films - just in case they were ever needed later on in the series. 
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