Computer Coding Workshops

Computer Workshops provide a fantastic look at the early years of computers (1970s) all the way through to the present day giving you a full historic timeline and full interactive experience, so why travel anywhere as the computer professional and his array of historical computer equipment and games machines will visit you.  So, no need to plan a school trip, you can still learn about this fascinating subject from the comfort of your own school premises. Your students or pupils will experience a fantastic interactive learning experience of early computers and coding languages (programmes) to game play of classic games machines. What fantastic all of these can be interlinked with your keystage curriculum in covering subject areas such as STEM.

You might be lucky and even get the chance to experience these amazing classic computers and game consoles listed below:   

Computers: Acorn Computers, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum,

You might even be lucking and learn about these early computer programmes: Pascal, Prolog, Beta, Paintbox, MCoder, COLT, KoalaPainter, The Print Shop,  PaperClip, Lotus 1-2-3,  Tasword II and VuClac.

Game Console Machines: Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), intelevision (mattel) and Sega master system

Classic Games: Pac Man, donkey kong, frogger, star wars, space invaders, Burger time, Tron, Microsurgeon, Atlantis, Mario Bros, Tetris, Duck Hunt, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Wonder Boy, Golden Axe and Outrun.

Immersive Experiences is the UK's multi-award-winning immersive learning/entertainment outreach provider, reaching a record breaking 200,000 people a year.
Techniquest provides a unique experience in supporting teachers in their teaching of numeracy and literacy and digital competence through a broad and dynamic science and maths programme in its Centre in Cardiff Bay, and through Outreach at your school.
The National Videogame Museum uses the very technology that students are increasingly familiar with as a medium for them to unleash their creativity and to also teach them valuable technical skills.
E4K (Engineering 4 Kids) offers coding and robotic workshops for students in KS1 through to KS4. From robot building to battle experiences, there's are wide variety of activities for you and your class to choose from.
Here at Green’s Windmill and Science Centre, students can discover the famous story of George Green and explore the science behind what allows a windmill to turn grain into flour. This is an immersive experience that will be enjoyed by all!
Home to 70 rides and attractions, and set in over 140 acres of beautiful gardens, Paultons is the ideal venue for an exciting and stimulating school visit. New for 2020, visit Tornado Springs – with 8 thrilling rides and attractions (opens 19th May).
Legoland Discovery Centre provides students with the opportunity to use Lego as an educational tool. There are various activities that will test a number of different skills, such as building workshops and exploring architecture through the use of Lego.
STEM Discovery Centre's education programme is linked to key stage 2 & 3 of the curriculum, designed and delivered by North Hertfordshire College and tailored to your group’s needs. with 3 state of the art discovery zones for school groups.
The Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium is bringing science into the classroom with their Ultimate STEM School Takeout Workshops, providing school groups with educational activities that spark curiosity in science, technology, engineering and maths.
Whether you're looking for inspiration for your literacy topic, an opportunity for young historians to test their enquiry skills, or for a school trip experience that brings STEM topics to life, Tower Bridge's learning programme has got you covered.
The Retro Computer Museum Leicestershire provides historically focused school trips, where your students will have the chance to discover various computer and console systems from the 1960's onwards.
We offer bespoke Curriculum based LEGO Workshops for ages 3-11. Lead by our fully trained Education Team, we cover topics such as Robotics, Underwater Creatures, Computing, Maths and much more.
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