Marine Conservation

Marine Conservation school trip, In an ever-changing world, with the rise of global warming and humanity changing the natural world as we know it conservation and environmental issues are at the forefront of people’s mind. Marine Conservation is paving the way for the protection and restoration of sea species, aiding their re-population and restoring habitats and reflecting on human interaction such as overfishing, marine habitat destruction and man-made pollutions from micro plastic’s, chemical dumping, industrial, agricultural and residential waste.

At UK School Trips we have some fantastic aquariums, sea life centres that are helping in this fight to educate generations of children who go on a school trip and experience this first hand outside of the classroom and learn about marine conservation whether that’s on a tour, workshop or exhibition. The workshops and tours provide important information that engages and inspires young people and is also relevant to the educational curriculum. These talks can be tailored to your specific educational groups needs and is designed and taught by qualified aquarist in marine biology.

So, what are you waiting for start planning your school trip and educational visit today with UK School Trips?

At the National Sea Life Centre, students can discover more about marine life and a range of scientific topics. Classes will have the opportunity to explore over 2000 creatures, watch various feeding demonstrations and even use the interactive Rockpool.
Skegness Aquarium offers fun and educational School Trips for all, where students can enjoy engaging wet lab sessions, exciting diver presentations and even take part in a one-of-a-kind shark diving experience!
Blue Planet Aquarium offers scientifically engaging school trips, where students can discover one of Europe’s largest collection of sharks and marine life.
Here at Blue Reef Aquarium Newquay, students can explore 40 naturally-themed underwater habitats, transporting you and your class from the Cornish coast to the exotic seas.
With over 5000 sea creatures and a wide array of interactive experiences, Manchester's Sea Life Centre offers the perfect school trip venue for students interested in animal welfare or the environment.
Come and visit The Blue Reef Aquarium Hastings and take the ultimate undersea safari. Whether you want to see the seahorses or native sharks, here your students will have the chance to enjoy close encounters with their favourite underwater creatures!
With the use of innovative displays, informative talks and feeding demonstrations, Blue Reef Aquarium offers wonderful School Trips for students of all ages to find out more about the wonders of the deep.
Hulls award winning aquarium, The Deep is home to over 5000 animals including critically endangered green sawfish (the only pair in the UK), sharks, rays and turtles. Not forgetting an array of invertebrates and a colony of Gentoo penguins!
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