Italian Restaurant

Whether you are a school trip, college group or youth group you can enjoy a range of fantastic School Trip Italian Restaurants where your pupils and students can enjoy the fantastic range of idyllic Italian dishes that Italy is famous for and a diverse range of foods Regionally from Tuscany, Rome, Florence, Napoli, Milan and my little island of heaven Sicily. Indulge and experience the fresh ingredients that makes classic dishes such as Pasta, Pizza, Risotto, Lasagne and fish stew.

A trip to these restaurants can provide not just fantastic Italian Cuisine in a fun and relaxing environment but they offer pupils and students the chance to experience the environment of a working restaurant in the service sector industry. Why not combine both experiences by eating and visiting on a school trip tour or workshop and see first-hand live demonstrations carried out for an unforgettable learning experience by fully qualified professional’s? From this experience your pupils will cover key areas of the curriculum from KS2 to KS5 and GCSE D&T in subject areas such as nutrition, food preparation, food technology, hygiene, safety, food ingredients, skills and equipment.

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Here at Ristorante Granaio, students can enjoy authentic Italian food, in a relaxed and friendly environment. As well as the food, there is also the Artisan Gelato which cannot be missed!
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