Historical Heritage Tours

Historical heritage tours are a great school trip for any class studying history as well as geography. School Groups are guided to various locations and venues that use costumed characters and re-enactments to engage and interest the students better than simply reading from a textbook in class. This means that students can really experience what life throughout history was like. We offer a variety of historical tours that are all similarly as interesting and educational, such as The Golden Hinde School Tours, where students can discover what life was like on an Elizabethan Galleon, or The Shakespeare Family Homes, which offer stimulating tours that bring Shakespeare to life. These educational tours will increase students’ historical knowledge and develop their educational skills, as it will provide them with an opportunity to actually understand history, geography and experience first-hand what life was really like. The tours listed are extremely interactive and both pupils and teachers will be encouraged to get involved, making it a fun experience for all. Historical heritage tours are the perfect way for students to have fun while they also further their historical, geographical understanding of different time periods, location and cultures. Pupils & students can cover the curriculum from KS1: Significant historical events, people/places in their own locality to KS4/5: Business, Enterprise and Heritage Management. The services on offer can be tailor made for your group’s needs.

Shepton Mallet Prison offers educational tours, where students can further their understanding of crime and punishment throughout history. In order to engage the students, these tours are very interactive and include fully immersive prisoner experiences.
York’s Chocolate Story delivers wonderful educational tours, where your students will be given the chance to explore the origins of chocolate, learn how to taste chocolate like an expert, and even have a go on our chocolate making station!
The National Museum of Computing is home to the world’s largest collection of working historic computers. From WW2 codebreaking machines to the world's oldest working electronic computer, it is the perfect place to engage students in STEM topics.
Shrewsbury Prison is one of the few prisons that is open to the public and offers educational tours. These Victorian prison tours are led by ex-prison officers, making the experience more realistic and engaging.
At The Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre, school groups can explore the historic site of the Battle of Bosworth - an event beyond living memory which is of national and global significance.
London Study Tours provides multi-guided tours within London, the South East and the South West. These tours are carried out by friendly, professional guides and can be be specifically tailored to fit the educational requirements of your school group.
The Kia Oval Ground Tours provide educational school tours, where students can get a behind-the-scene look at one of the most iconic sporting venues in the world!
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