Archaeology on a school trip is a fantastic way to cover this subject weather it’s at primary key stage 1 and 2 or history and archaeology in secondary or higher education this curriculum subject gets covered in pre-history from key stage 1 to 4. There are many fantastic venues, workshops, tours and talks from these time periods such as Stone Age to Ancient Romans, Greeks & Egyptians. Plus, science-based workshops purely in archaeology, chemistry, dinosaur and fossil analysis.

We provide a fantastic amount of venues that a pre-history school trip can experience such as the jorvik group covering Viking, Saxon and Tudor times where you can investigate this period and see how they lived. Plus, exciting excavation pits that your pupils can dig for archaeological artefacts. English Heritage provide endless venues within the UK covering historic sites and museums in relation to school trip pre-history of the Romans, Saxons, Picts and Vikings also.  Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery cover school trip pre-history at their museum and provide your school trip with tours and workshops on this subject of Archaeology and school trip pre-history.

Archaeology is studied in schools in the UK, all actively delivering curriculum-based learning in regard to popular archaeological themes as highlighted above but to gain a real InSite for pupils and students this can only be done on a school trip. Archaeological school trips play a key role in real time visits to historic sites and museums for real engagement and lifelong hands memorable experiences.

With four special in-door excavation pits, all based on real-life digs in the city and filled with replica Roman, Viking, medieval and Victorian finds, children can grab a trowel and explore how people lived in these times.
Celtic Harmony Camp, the UK’s largest Iron Age settlement, provides a program of Prehistory Residential and Day trips covering Stone, Bronze and Iron Age Britain. Immerse your class in Ancient Britain with hands-on outdoor experiential learning!
Here at WOOKEY HOLE, there are over 20 activities for you and your class to choose from. Whether you want to play adventure golf or would prefer to discover our wonderful world of animatronic dinosaurs, there's something here for all ages and abilities.
A museum that visits you! An exhibition or workshop that can easily be adapted to your venue & time scale & will give you access to the UK’s LARGEST, BIGGEST & BEST travelling collection of fossils & replicas. Look no further – we are AMAZING.
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is an independent educational charity leading the worlds enjoyment & understanding of Shakespeares works, life & time. We offer a range of informative & inspiring tours to bring Shakespeare to life for all ages & key stages.
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is the largest zoo in the UK, housing some of rarest and most extraordinary animals on the planet! Students can enjoy either immersive exhibits, such as In with the Lemurs, or simply explore the wonderful wildlife around them.
Bristol Museums provide a wide range of school trips, where subjects such as history, literature, science and art are brought to life! Students will have the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination in a unique learning environment.
ZSL London Zoo offers inspirational school trips, where students have the opportunity to discover over 650 different species of animals and explore wildlife in a unique and stimulating way.
Historical Interpretations History Workshops provide “Hands on History” for KS2 up to University students. Areas covered are York, Oxford and the North of England, however if requested we can travel to any part of the UK.
Celtic Harmony is offering a nationwide remote learning workshop, where students can have the school trip experience without having to break any social distancing rules!
First Travel Solutions provide excellent outdoor activity days and fun experiences for educational groups at select YHA centres. Day trip packages include Coach Travel, a 6-Hour Activity Programme, a Packed Lunch and an optional evening meal.
The Science Zone offers interactive educational experiences, where students can explore life-sized dinosaurs and the Solar System. The variety of activities that are available ensures that all students will remain engaged and interested.
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