Obstacle Park

school trip obstacle parks are a fantastic fun, physical, energetic place to take your school trip or educational group to. The obstacle courses can be indoors or outdoors at residential centres, activity adventure centres, indoor obstacle parks and becoming very popular are inflatable obstacle parks on water, that provide pupils, students & youth groups a challenge in a team environment or individually as the courses feature unique obstacles and equipment such as: tyre walls, monkey bars, rings, cargo nets, rope swings, foam pits and if you get past all of that the ninja wall at the end. So, go along and see if your group can be ultimate adventure warriors.  This activity is fantastic for pupils and students alike as it will help improve co-ordination, speed, agility, strength and stamina which in turn will improve the child’s health and fitness, experience team work and build self-confidence in a challenging new environment outside of the classroom.  So start searching and planning your school trip obstacle park adventure now!   

Open Door Adventure provides outdoor residential school trips in a stunning location in North Wales in the Cefn Valley. Students will have the chance to take part in 20 different outdoor activities whilst being surrounded by their closest classmates.
Located within 20 acres of mature woodland, the award winning Wild Forest delivers adventurous School Trips, where students can build on their confidence, their co-operation skills and their resilience.
Hindleap Warren is set in 300 acres of ancient woodland in East Sussex, and provides residential and day course opportunities to primary and secondary schools.
Open Door Adventure provides adventurous outdoor school trips, where students can develop life skills in a beautiful rural location.
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