Creative and Artistic School Workshops

Are you looking to introduce some imagination and inspiration into your classroom? If so, we’ve got the perfect School Workshop for you…

Creative School Workshops are an excellent way to push your students artistically and bring some fun into your teaching. Whether you want your students to take to the stage in a theatrical performance or would like to see them to work co-operatively in a sensational dance routine, UK School Trips has the perfect workshop for you and your educational group.

Creative School Workshops are particularly superb because they shine a light on certain areas of the curriculum that can often be pushed aside or ignored. This artistic area of the curriculum, which includes subjects such as drama, music and art, is actually greatly beneficial to students’ personal development. Regardless of whether your class is in Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 3, Creative School Workshops will encourage your pupils to push themselves imaginatively and creatively, encouraging them to try out new activities they may have never done before. But not only are these workshops a great way to improve confidence and self-esteem, they can also be used as a fun introduction into other areas of the curriculum.

So, if you want a creative yet educational experience that can be delivered in your very own classroom, you’ve come to the right place. Browse through our various Creative School Workshops below and pick the perfect workshop for you!

Creative and Artistic School Workshops

Ric Flo Songwriting Workshops

Multi-hyphenate Ric Flo uses the art of rap, creativity and his lived experience in foster care to empower young people and students to inspire them

FabDrumming Workshops

FabDrumming workshops provides schools in the South West with musical experiences that are fun, creative and rhythmic. This allows for your pupils to express themselves

Tower Bridge Workshops London

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your literacy topic, an opportunity for young historians to test their enquiry skills, or for a school trip experience

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