Residential Boat Trips

Residential boat trips are great way to acquire team building skills. For some this will be a chance to exhibit leadership qualities. Opportunities will arise that require decision making for both the individual and as part of a larger group. Whether the excitement of open sea sailing, or the tranquillity of life on a narrow boat, there is something for all tastes and abilities. Please refer to our listed residential boat courses & centres typically for Key stages 4, 5 and upwards.

Thames Young Mariners is surrounded by 25 acres of public open space, which has been designated as a local nature reserve. Located near London, Thames Young Mariners is the ideal location for London borough schools and organisations to visit.
Henley Fort is a Victorian Fort built during the late 19th Century to protect London from invasion by the French; later it was used by the Home Guard in World War 2 as a re-supply depot.
High Ashurst Outdoor Education Centre is set in 56 acres of woodland on Box Hill, near Dorking, in the tranquil Surrey Hills 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'.
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