We are urging Geography teachers across the UK to put the subject back on the educational map - with the help of school trips, after a report, conducted by Ofsted, revealed schoolchildren claim the subject is 'boring and irrelevant'.

According to the latest Ofsted report, pupils are failing to gain an understanding of climate change, environmentalism and global citizenship through lessons which are too often led by non ? specialists.

It also suggests the subject is sidelined in primary schools and take-up at GCSE is declining significantly.

The problem is even more alarming as school inspectors also found Geography teachers across the country are avoiding organising school trips when teaching the subject due to health and safety concerns.

The report goes on to claim health and safety concerns, curriculum time and budget pressures are also preventing school trips ? which it claims is a central part of the subject.

Ofsted is now calling for a revamp of Geography, with more school trips, fieldwork and lessons on climate change and fair trade.

www.ukschooltrips.co.uk supports the reports recommendations and is calling on Geography teachers across the UK to use its site to aid the alleged declining subject. The site contains hundreds of school trips and venue destinations, which are specifically targeted to meet the requirements of Geography as a key subject in line with the National Curriculum.

The School Trips include Cotsworld Wildlife Park, Environmental Centre, Euro Hostal Glasgow, Hedingham Castle, Museum of English Rural Life, Ringsfield Hall, Skegness Natureland & Seal Sanctuary, Snettisham Park, Stratford Butterfly Farm and Tenralt Mountain Centre to list but a few.

For a full list of venues use our ?Search School Trip Venues? application.

www.ukschooltrips.co.uk appreciates Health and Safety is a major concern when planning and arranging any trip, but this said, it strongly believes this should not put teachers or school trip organisers off the idea, as help is at hand.

www.ukschooltrips.co.uk work with, and recommends, one of the UK?s leading educational insurance specialists Towergate Insurance, to all its teachers and school trip organisers across the UK.

For more information on Towergate Insurance visit our School Trip Insurance page. Or alternatively visit www.towergateeducation.co.uk.

The site aims to help both children and Geography teachers by helping to unite the subject with the two via school trip destinations. 

Additional information

Ofsted published its report entitled Geography in Schools: Changing Practice in January 2008.

For more information and to view the full report please use the link below.