New for 2017 take the mystery out of classification with Lee Valley’s brand new ‘Plants Discovery Day’


Students become a plant hunter from the Victorian era to uncover the secrets of plants. Discover plant parts through our kitchen garden challenge. Investigate food chains and plant diversity. Learn identification and classification skills and complete the photosynthesis recipe. Play our pollination game and understand the reproductive parts of a plant. Finally bring dispersal to life with the acorn hunt game.

Lee Valley Park is launching this opportunity for primary students to complement our popular range of Discovery Days. These engage students through outdoor study of rivers and lakes, the Stone Age and Habitats. Find out more at 

Why not enter our ‘Find 50’ competition to win free coach travel for your school’s Discovery day? Enter via  before the 20th March


Starts 01-03-2017
Ends 20-03-2017
Cut off date 20-03-2017

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