Cineworld Cinemas - Price Discounts Available - Nationwide

The usual priceis:
2D Films Child Tickets (upto 14 years)     

2D Films Student Tickets (15-17 years)     

3D Films Child Tickets (upto 14 years)     

£6.80-£8.80 (inc glasses)
3D Films Student Tickets (15-17 years)     

£6.80-£9.20 (inc glasses)


The discounted price is:
 Free Tickets for Teachers     
 Movies for Junior Film Tickets       £2.50 (inc Munchbox)
 2D Films Tickets (upto 17 years)       £4.00
 3D Films Tickets (upto 17 years)       £5.50 (inc glasses)
 Munchbox       £1.50

 You can enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbusters, or an old favourite with our latest ‘Movies For Juniors’ screenings:

Cineworld is the perfect venue for your school trips, events, and award ceremonies; if you want to watch a film which ties in with the current curriculum (historical or literature based films, etc) this can also be arranged. Please email:  for more details.

Call Now:  0208 987 5036

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